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Danny Devito as a Director Jerry Goldsmith Really hope this movie is good for Sam Raimi’s sake. The “Monster” What a bummer that James Horner isn’t around for this.. This’s fucking awful. The Actor who accidentally broke his leg... Not digging the Over the top blue filter Dude’s just waiting around for somebody to make a Lance Armstrong movie. You think Luke’s Green Lightsaber will make an appearance in this film? View all posts >


Exactly. Without a doubt Michelle is the better actor between the two. Totally agree, AMJF. Why would anyone be against protecting whales? What a weird thing to call a “shame”. Double dumbass on him. Me too, man… Me too. Could not agree more. By far the best dragon design in film. And it’s such a dark movie for a Disney film. What the fuck was Ridley Scott & the producers thinking when they denied Jerry Goldsmith’s original Legend score. It’s crazy to me. I mean, I get it, synth was in at the time but it was a “classic fairy tale” style movie that needed a classic fairy tale type score. I still have yet to see the Goldsmith version of the film but do own the film score. Which of course is great. Goldsmith also got screwed around with by Ridley Scott on Alien. So this was the last straw for Goldsmith working with Ridley. I think Ridley is one of those directors who just doesn’t know much about music end of film production. This movie has by far my favorite dragon design in a movie. And I love how violent it is for a Disney movie. Also, totally agree the lead guy was a bad choice. I could not agree more with your statement on Kaminski. I so wish Spielberg would use someone else as cinematographer. I love the look of Spielberg’s older films from 70’s - 90’s. I’m just not a fan of the washed out, over lit look that Kaminski uses on every Spielberg movie. Of course “Schindler’s List” is breathtaking. But other than that I haven’t liked the look of a Spielberg film since before they teamed up. Yep, “Silence of The Lambs” pretty much ended the 80’s Horror/Fantasy vibe. Everything became suspense/thrillers after it came out. Kinda like Nirvana ended “hair-metal” bands. Weird. Wonder why it was nominated for an Oscar that year. Why thank you, Drooch. And I’ll leave you with a “Pussy-Neck” to go with your Dr. Channard Penis. https://i.imgur.com/D8Fzsnv.jpg View all replies >