Scape (195)


Season 3... Rey’s parents will end up being... This movie is chalked full of those stupid God...the kid scenes in this movie were awful Please...Don’t F this Up... Please hire good writers... Question I haven’t seen on here yet. In Finale Episode.. The Dark Tower by Stephen King.. When Cersei found out she was pregnant at the end of Season 7... One mistake D & D made that ruined Season 8.. Anyone else been expecting since last Season for this moment... View all posts >


I’m with you, Mike. Born in the 80’s. Love the Original Trilogy, with Empire always being my favorite. Love the original Star Trek too. Never liked the prequels. That’s what I wanted to see. You are correct. Touché. I’ve had things happen similar to what you’re saying. Never believed in it until it happened to me. Huge horror fan since I was 7 years old. Loved ghost stories, but I never believed in them. Until something happened to me. Now I don’t know what the f..k is out there... Amen to you two! Goldsmith’s “Poltergeist” score is absolutely beautiful, horrifying & sad all at the same time. This guy is for real?? Wow... What are you talking about? The acting in the original was pretty great. Absolutely. Everything was bad in this, from the lame film score (can’t replace Goldsmith, but come on, man) to the terribly bland cinematography, & so on & on... Look what they did to my boy... View all replies >