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The Actor who accidentally broke his leg... Not digging the Over the top blue filter Dude’s just waiting around for somebody to make a Lance Armstrong movie. You think Luke’s Green Lightsaber will make an appearance in this film? Anyone else get annoyed with the Prisoner that Chewed throughout his whole scene... Season 3... Rey’s parents will end up being... This movie is chalked full of those stupid God...the kid scenes in this movie were awful View all posts >


It is rare, but there are a few part 3’s that were good. Some even better than their previous installments. Like Die Hard 3, Indiana Jones Last Crusade, & Nightmare On Elm part 3... I agree with bek though. Wasn’t expecting much, but damn this movie was a huge step down from the 1st & even the 2nd film. There’s hardly even a plot. Just non stop action with poor cgi. I mean, John walks off into the desert until nearing death for this dude to just pop out of nowhere to find him?! Ridiculous. Yep, Halle was fine. The adjudicator on the other hand was horrible. Just awful acting. Agree. I’m a huge old school horror fan, but seeing those characters in a movie like this would’ve been weird. None of the cgi creatures in this movie are from the book other than Paul Bunyan, & the hobo zombie. In the book it’s the late 50’s so most of the monsters are from the old Universal movies. Since this movie takes place in the 80’s a lot of IT Novel fans thought it would be monsters from 80’s horror movies, but the licensing would be a lot of $$$. So they made up new ones like the witch etc... The reason the beating happened is exactly what the previous person said, the whole town of Derry is affected by IT. In the book King explains how IT, being located under Derry, influences the whole town. People begin doing irrational things. Horrible things. Things they wouldn’t normally do. Because IT brings hate & anger out of the towns people from them being so close to It. Huh? What do you think happened here, Burk? That I read your “Donald Trump Harvard Graduate” post, then spent months busily researching the subject before being able to say you were wrong?.. Lol Not the case. Saw the movie, came here, read what you wrote, knew it was wrong, & commented on it. Ha! What, Trump a “Harvard Graduate”!? Wtf are you thinking... Sounds like me, I thought he was a good choice based on Looper. And after watching Force Awakens I was so excited to see what Rian Johnson’s follow up would be like. But, around 10mins into Last Jedi with the X-Wing “your momma phone call” scene - I knew this wasn’t going to be the serious/darker Star Wars movie I was hoping for. Yeah, I thought it was odd that they took the time to show Kylo fixing his mask, but nothing about Anakin’s broken lightsaber from TLJ... Also, where the hell is Luke’s ROTJ lightsaber? For a min in TROS I thought he was giving it to Rey, but it was Leia’s. Funny you mention Mark Isham, because speaking of bad film scores... Mark Isham’s score for “The Mechanic” was one of the worst I’ve heard in a very long while. The movie in general was bad enough that I ended up turning it off about 40 mins in, but before I did I had to double check who did the incongruous music. So please not him. View all replies >