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Dude’s just waiting around for somebody to make a Lance Armstrong movie. You think Luke’s Green Lightsaber will make an appearance in this film? Anyone else get annoyed with the Prisoner that Chewed throughout his whole scene... Season 3... Rey’s parents will end up being... This movie is chalked full of those stupid God...the kid scenes in this movie were awful Please...Don’t F this Up... Please hire good writers... Question I haven’t seen on here yet. In Finale Episode.. View all posts >


No. Most people who don’t like an overabundance of CGI monsters etc, complain because it takes them out of the movie. It’s not really there on set with the actors - so comes off as fake. The FX in The Thing are “real” & on set. Still envied to this day. In fact they were so good that some people had a hard time watching the film. The FX did their job. Even actors on the movie were grossed out while filming. I’ve not seen that type of reaction from a horror movie with full CGI FX. Yes, “Jack” should be in the movie in some form, if they’re sticking with the Novel. Maybe a young CGI version of him? Spoiler*** At the end of the book Danny goes back to the Overlook, but in the book it had been destroyed. He ends up encountering the ghost of his dad there. “When my momma died, the nurse asked me why I wasn’t crying. I responded with “cuz I aint no libtard” and I’m right.” Imagine being so caught up in anger over politics that you say that kind of thing “ain’t no libtard” to a nurse after your mom just died... Now imagine not being ashamed of that, but actually thinking it’s cool & something to be proud of. “Owning the libs” during Moms death... “cried 12 times during a comic book movie.” Ha! What’s wrong with our country... Hope this is all fake. Yep, the Hux/Poe scene. Same for me, it was right off the bat that I realized this movie wasn’t going to be the movie I had hoped it would be... Awesome, thanks! Hope it makes an appearance in this film. I agree, it’s a terrible poster. Looks like a cgi cartoon. That’s exactly where I’m at too. I so want the writing to be good - so I care... But after the last two movies I’m very weary. Sure TFA was a good enough starting point, but the follow up TLJ took all the hope out of me. I agree. Honestly, I kind of expected Rey to go find his ROTJ lightsaber since the Anikan one was broken in TLJ, but from the trailers I guess she just fixed it. This guy annoys the hell out of me too... Agreed. Bad writing indeed. View all replies >