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Hey Yanks: how would fancy trying to invade Europe from the USA?

If it weren't for Britain, it would have been The Battle of New York.
And all you guys can think of is how easy it was to trade chocolate for sex.

reply, that's not all we can think of. And you forget Lend-Lease and the volunteers from the US who flew in the Battle of Britain.

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If not for the U.S., both in WWI & WWII, our dear Brit friends would have a German accent by now.

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Probably not. While the US could probably have launched a cross Atlantic invasion (eventually and at a high cost in lives and resources). Germany could not have done the same.

The Americans were also developing a true intercontinental bomber, a project they put on hold once a British victory in the Battle of Britain made it clear it would not be needed.

A Nazi dominated world would not be in America's interests, though, and would sooner rather than later be an threat to the country. That's why American aid to the Allies and embargoes on the Axis. American aid included selling the U.K. America's war reserve stocks at bargain prices. This was highly inconvenient to American rearmament and caused a crisis in American waters in1942due to a lack of escorts as they had been given to the RN. Soon after the BoB was over, the US started giving the UK new arms for free under Lend Lease. It really was apparent to Americans that it was better to take the fight to Hitler rather than wait for him.


Really? 2500 miles of ocean would do what to the invasion?

That's a pretty damn long supply chain Hitler would have had to maintain.

Granted, England held on by its teeth, mainly because Der Fuehrer was too stupid to invade the UK. Once the US was brought in, the outcome was pretty assured.

And frankly, I don't think anyone would be willing to trade anything for sex with you...

Except maybe their dignity.



Yes, the only reason my grandfather came over from Ohio in 1917 and fought the Huns, and my uncle came over from Texas in 1942 and fought the Nazis, was the hope of getting laid for some Hershey's. Good thing for you.