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Get yourself self checked for mental retardation... bro. ..Joe Except... You DID go to a dictionary, and cut and pasted the exact part of the definition you needed word for word. Think whatever you please, I care not a whit about your opinion. ..Joe Don't cherry pick when someone knows the language- you'll get caught every time. The Oxford Dictionary: "nearly, almost, just about, about, more or less, practically, virtually, all but, as good as, next to, close to, near, nigh on, not far from, not far off, to all intents and purposes, approaching, bordering on, verging on, nearing;" The prime definition of "Pretty much proven" means NEARLY, JUST ABOUT. One gets way down the list before we get to "as good as." Nice try, though. ..Joe There's lots of things wrong with it. Mostly, because it was a broadcast television version, the violence was sanitized, the sexual mores were absent, and the budget was limited in terms of cast involved. The book was a sweeping, grand epic, and the TV version was a nice little miniseries. I enjoyed it - in fact I own it - but it does not have the impact that a version not limited by broadcast standards. ..Joe He was called "Anjin-san" because the Japanese could not pronounce "Blackthorne." In the book, they closest they got was "Br-ack-fon," so they specifically told him they used "Anjin-san" out of politeness and to show no disrespect. In "Noble House" there was a Japanese woman sent to meet Ian (Struan) Dunross who was named "Riko noh Anjin," and she told the legend that an ancestor was an Englishman who was made samurai, but that her family believed it was only a legend. Clavell really tied all the books together in "Noble House." It was the cement that combined all the books in his Asian Saga and was arguably his best work. Rumor has it that HBO has optioned the book "Shogun," and will be remaking it. That's a good thing. It's so dense that it really needs a long-form mini series. ..Joe Or go look up William Adams, who in 1600 indeed became a samurai. Not only that, he was made Hatamoto- Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu's personal retainer. He was the basis for the John Blackthorne character in Shogun. ..Joe More to the point NO FBI agent will stand in front of a door. They're trained to treat every door as a trap, so they'll stand to the side- usually to the side with the knob, and there's a tendency for more things to be on the other side of the door on that side, and thus protect them. That whole scene was weak, and there only to get them to the gunfight. Poor plot-driven writing. ..Joe I liked it until it got to the gunfight at the end. Then it fell apart. No company is going to have or permit automatic weapons. First off, a full-auto M4 would cost about 12 grand, then there's the tax stamp investigation, the background checks of anyone that might touch it, and the training involved in shooting full-auto. Granted, there might have been previous military training to obviate the need for the last one, but all the others are in place, and it mainly comes back to the cost of a full-auto weapon. Anyone that shoots probably laughed when they whipped out the assault rifle, because facing off a bear with a .223 isn't going to do anything but piss off the bear. Same thing for when they just stood there shooting each other. In that kind of environment, a Remington 700 would be the preferred weapon in .30-06 or .300 Winchester Magnum, as it is a hunting rifle, with sidearms for security matters. Just another Hollywood attempt at a gunfight. They're Liberals, and thus afraid and ignorant of guns, so they wouldn't know the tactics or mindset to do a real gunfight. ..Joe S&W Model 2 .32 short caliber. A lead bullet at around 945 ft/. The time to the bell is about right. ..Joe I've loved this ever since I was a kid in the 60's, and would make the jet pack, controls and helmet out of paper shopping bags. I've always had one question: How is it that Cody didn't fry his ass off every time he flew? As an adult, I always wondered if they suffered brain injuries form all those concussions? These guys shoot worse than Star Wars Storm Troopers! ..Joe View all replies >