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It's the only time the two have been in a movie together. ..Joe I enjoyed it for its fun, but the poor history kept taking me out of the movie. She was arrested under the jurisdiction of the US Army Air Corps? Why? The US Army Air Corps was disbanded in Sept. 1941, and then became the US Army Air Forces. They ROLLED a B-17? Can't do that- it wasn't fuel injected, and it would have stalled in less than 20 seconds. And, as it was down to 2 engines, they hadn't the power to do that. The explosion blew her back into the plane? Maybe. A a shrapnel-torn and shredded body it might. But, it was fun. ..Joe It was 20 years later, that puts him him close 60. If Sarah was born when he was 25, and she was 12 when he died, that made him 37; now add 20 years, and you're getting nearer 60 than 50. The game takes a whole year to transpire. Even closer to 60. Why would you think he fathered Sarah at 19? Then add the 9 months for her birth when he was 20, to get to your numbers. That would also mean his younger brother was 17 or so during the initial part of the game. Might be hard for you guys to comprehend, but many people get married and have children; they're not all products of a drunken hookup when they're teens. The events of TLoU2 take place 5 years after the game, which went through a full year. So I might have been a little out on his age but he was close to 70 when he died. Right. She wants to swing a Johnson from here on out... Stupid Hollywierd people ..Joe Biggest problem I have is the age factor. Joel is in his early-to -mid 60's, and in his early 70's for TLoU2. Pascal is 20 years too young to be in this part. He is a fine actor, but he's not going to get that old age thing right. ..Joe I think they were pretty much all killed, or taken back to the Exxon Valdez as slaves of one sort or the other. ..Joe "Could the bath scene be considered sexual assault?" Yes... By idiots. ..Joe Thanks. So far, I've been able to make it 22 minutes through this turkey, and that was today. There's so much stupidity in it that I can't take it. Ed Skrein should have gotten enough fiber for the rest of his life the way he chewed the scenery. Any pilot with that attitude would have found himself on the beach. Sad that actual history of a war isn't enough to make it to film; they have to enhance it to make it "real" to the writers. ..Joe Good. you can quote somewhere else. But you're missing your own point- reread the line "American immigrants drove out the Mexican army and declared the Texas republic." Therefor it was its own country. A country of mostly non-Mexicans. So how did the US "steal" the country from Mexico when it was no longer Mexican territory? It was part of land legally purchased by the US. That ain't stealing, it's buying. Every argument you post is specious. And as to a living wage, for some it's 20 grand, for some it's 50 grand.Who gets to decide? ..Joe Yeah- the liberal claptrap again. What is a "living wage?" What work should be required to get it? No one ever seems to have that answer, and more to the pointy, do you give up half your pay to give someone else a "living wage?" Why is it with you Socialists, it's always someone else's money you want to give away, never your own? Because believe it or not, YOU'RE one of those "capitalists" that denying a living wage to the proletariat. And again, "Americans" didn't steal Texas. It was its own country, with its own citizens. You can't seem to get that, or you're purposely ignoring it because it destroys your argument. Or are you too stupid to get that point? ..Joe View all replies >