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For just a, "Three hour tour" and on a "tiny ship..."

They sure took a lot of stuff with them and somehow managed to fit it all on the Minnow!


You're right. Never realized that before


And on the Brady Bunch three of the kids for each parent were their step children!


Where is that "plot hole" guy that posts all the time on here in long rants. He should have a field day with this. It doesn't make sense.


I hope you don't mean me - assuming genders, calling normal posts that point out things that make no sense 'rants', calling just normal-sized posts 'long' (I guess for the text-message generation, anything longer than 160 characters is 'long'..), tying someone's writings to 'time' (let alone 'all the), and finally, making it seem like 'plot holes' are some kind of identity for someone.

In case you meant someone else, never mind.

However, if you DID refer to me, let me just point out a few things about your post that also makes no sense:

- I do not 'identify' as any kind of 'plot hole' individual, let alone 'a' guy'. I have written multiple times how gender of a body is irrelevant to true identity, as soul has no gender, so calling someone a 'guy' is insulting in any case. I do not write about 'plot holes', I only point out things that do not make sense, because it frustrates me that this kind of stuff gets made that ignores its on rules and logic constantly.

- Just because things do not make sense, someone pointing out those things does not make them a 'guy' or mean they are merely talking about 'plot holes'. Some kind of plot holes are acceptable, if things make sense overall, or the movie/show/etc. is overall good and you can see the passion and hard work that people exerted to create a project out of a vision they wanted to share or a story they wanted to tell. Often these are not the motivations, but instead, it's 'making money'.

- Being insulting and condescending towards someone that actually does work hard to point out things that do not make sense (that's most of what I do in my 'long rants' (which usually aren't rants - sometimes they are, but not often enough for you to downgrade them all to 'rants')) shows that you are not prepared to be civilized and respectful to someone that has written more and longer messages than you, pointed out more things that make no sense than you and made more sense than you..


..not to mention, written more poignant - perhaps sometimes even 'important' - posts, so maybe moviemakers can learn to some day make actual sense, and so on.

Also, if you are going to ask a QUESTION, the least you can do is use a QUESTION MARK, right? RIGHT?

Are you sure YOU are making any sense?

As to the actual content of what you are saying besides these snide remarks towards innocent fellow posters (I only do this as a 'hobby' of sorts, and even then, it's not serious, I have much more interesting projects and I express myself in other forms of creative expression WAY more than writing - if you can believe that - I just have a lot to say and have a good keyboard, so I can type quite a lot of text easily without breaking a sweat. Shouldn't this kind of feature or ability be celebrated, rather than insulted and treated as if it's something to frown upon?)..

..yes, I have noticed after just a couple of episodes, how this show doesn't seem to take almost anything seriously. The original pilot sings about a SIX-hour tour, but then they change it to a three-hour tour.

What puzzles me to no end is how they allow Gilligan to always ruin pretty much -everything-, but when I get to a scene where people all talk to fish in order to test if there is a transmitter, I can't even roll my eyes hard enough to do the nonsensical cringiness justice.

Just gag Gilligan and tie him to a tree, then formulate some escape plan and just leave the island. I am sure he can wiggle himself free eventually and then only harm his own escape or rescue plans.

There's of course the usage of fish to create a 'HELP' message, which is way too tiny to be seen from the air, only ruined by Gilligan's 'P' that is the wrong way (and weirdly far away from the 'HEL').. I mean, if you see 'HEL' and a 'P' that is the wrong way, wouldn't you, as a pilot, at least want to investigate what's going on? It's not like they would thin 'Oh, they didn't spell 'HELP' correctly, so they must be fine', is it?


I hope you don't mean me..

Who else could he possibly mean?


Did Ginger or Mrs. Howell ever wear the same outfit twice? Wow, that boat had one hell of a cargo hold!