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Very insulting The thing Disney does right with these films... 3 huge plot holes The woman in the niteclub with the camera New Reality Isn't it going to be hard to root for WW in this film? Towards the end... Remake this already Season 3 hook ups Justice League 2? View all posts >


Fury was never cast for the movie The year before, Batman Begins came out and that probably influenced doing a Bond reboot Do you realize this is a fictional story? The script never explained how Furio left nor did they film any scenes showing how he left. The problem then after Batman Begins was released in 2005, they should have rebooted Superman instead of doing Superman Returns in 2006. But DC failed to have the vision that Marvel had in 2008 with Iron Man. DC failed big time. The character of Tony Stark is just as well known now as Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. Thats a huge credit to Marvel. And when they got up to Batman V superman, there was no need for Doomsday as the villain. Doomsday could have been set up as a nice villain in Justice League instead of the rushed alien invasion angle Nope. In honor of the WOKE culture, it has to be a woman. Maybe that new black James Bond woman from the upcoming film Do you know when it will be on and what channel? The new film just out is the best out of all of them, including the 1933 original Stop with the spoilers What a silly question. The scene ends abruptly and nothing was filmed afterwards in the fictional scene Plageus would have probably worked best as the master villain starting in episode 7. Maybe they could have brought into the picture a force ghost version of Palpatine and have Plageus finish him off once and for all. Snoke was a waste of time View all replies >