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The Overlord Elvis didn't have to be white I guess its ok Sequel? I'm a bit disappointed Far too many people are complaining about the ending The cop pointing the gun in the subway at Zeus Many things about this film... Sequel to Them? Qui Gon View all posts >


Please put spoiler in your headline next time. I was going to watch this today and now I know Joe beat him in a fight Disagree on everything 1. Moore is the best Bond 2. The Man with the Golden Gun is the best Moore movie 3. Daniel Craig is underrated as Bond 4. Tanya Roberts as Stacy is the best Bond girl 5. Thunderball is underrated 6. Never Say Never Again is the best Connery Bond movie 7. Best Bond song is the opne from MaDonna in Die Another Day 8. Christopher Waltz is best Blofeld 9. License to Kill is one of the worst Bond movies 10. Lazenby did horrible in his role Just trying to help. Its easier on the mind if we agree its a plot hole and move on. Why stress out and over think a scene? Yea, pro wrestling was real up until the tag team match with Mr T and Hulk at that Wrestlemania. The WWF decided to script this match , because of Mr T's lack of experience, and it worked out so well, that pro wrestling after that all became scripted and results pre determined That would be a horrible idea It was very realistic he had to move back to the slums. See Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson Lets just call it a plot hole and move on instead of coming up with our different theories I heard pro wrestling became fake and results pre determined right after the 1st Wrestlemania, which was March 1985 Nah, it wasn't brilliant. It was a cope out and the audience deserved to see an ending rather than leave it ambiguous She was a spiderologist View all replies >