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Offensive towards cats What a great film I can't believe this A few things noticed Ending scene Anyone else upset so far with him? Viewing question A great social justice warrior Leave this guy alone already Eliminate this title from this site View all posts >


Undocumented people need to get the stimulus money too. Otherwise many will commit crimes in order to survive. This latest check will be $1400. Any word yet if the next one will be bigger? Dominic Green No, its a plot hole I still find it offensive and wish they would change the nature of the Tom character Thats a brilliant observation. The question is can this nation ever recover from his imcompetency? Shin refers to the word god. In this movie, Godzilla is a metaphor for the 2011 tsunami that hit Japan Thats a tricky question. When the earliest dinosaurs existed, days were 18 hours long. When the planet was originally formed, days were much shorter than that. Our current year of 2021 symbolizes the start of early human civilization. Please don't tell me you are this naive about the history of this planet Yes, there were dinosaurs the size of skyscrapers. Those fossils are too big for a museum so they are just in the ground unearthed. The smaller fossils are put into museums. So deal with it. Godzilla like dinosaurs existed hundreds of millions of years ago Something very close to a Godzilla existed hundreds of million of years ago. Fossils prove this. I am not sure of the scientific name given to dinosaurs who were like Godzilla. I'll ask my college professor. He knows everything I said they called him a T Rex or something like that. I am no expert in dinosaur names but ones like Godzilla and Rodan existed millions of years ago View all replies >