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When he does drugs with his friends. You know what I hate about this movie? How the heck can this show still be on? What happened to Pete Davidson? For just a, "Three hour tour" and on a "tiny ship..." Where can I get a radio like that? Wasn't Michael Landon kind of a dick? How did the names come up in the loom? Daffynition: Advice Some habits really do die hard View all posts >


I wonder if Steven wrote his own lines for that movie? Otherwise Mike was a genius for coming up with the kinds of things he would say. Not having any hard candy today. No one ever thinks their own farts stink. What I miss about IMDb was chatting about movies which hardly anyone wants to do anymore on these knockoffs. Though I will admit that more will talk about movies/TV here then FB. Which is odd since they call themselves FILMboards. Pros and cons to both. If this place allowed pics, gifs, likes etc then it would be better than fb with no doubt. I have made fb way more tolerable by using the block feature. Because this place is still stuck in the stone age which is really lame. Funnier than you are. Where is your joke, asshole? Yeah, that's what I thought. I gave him a compliment and instead he was an asshole back. Fuck him. They are not wrong and correct with their observations. 50% of the posts come from some troll who keeps, for some reason, yelling at everyone and saying stupid stuff. Until this day, he hasn't learned how to use the Caps Lock button. The site attracts a lot of people with various mental and pathological problems. It's kind of sad. You can't call this a movie site, just a bunch of people doing random stuff. The site is a waste of time. This site is full of left wing lunatics and woke crackpots. Everything discussion gets ambushed by over sensitive libtards complaining about racism and misogyny. Avoid at all costs! Garbage site with garbage administration. This site is saturated with racism, homophobia, hate speech, and misogyny. The administration is extremely unbalanced. The site should be shut down. I am starting to think of him more like as AnnoyingViking. Heeeyyyoooo! View all replies >