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All hell broke loose circa 1541 when anal sex was discovered. Then 20 years after that blowjobs. Sex was around for a while before 1400. However a lot of those books were lost in the Great Library of Alexandria fire and anything that remained being was confiscated by the Knights Templar to eventually be squirreled away by the Catholic Church to keep sex a secret. Part III is great too! Judging by the final scenes he was about to embark on an all you can eat pussy buffet...if you catch my drift. "But I have no real experience. I've never been a ghost myself." That sounds like something a ghost would say. Can you cite these instances for everyone? (I will also accept rehashed Youtube Poop as proof) I didn't read the article but I can only assume the entire cast were kissing his ass the premiere of season 3 onward Hmm yes, it was he and Art instead. Hence they discussed it at some point I didn't care for it the first time I watched it about 5 years ago. On the reviewing of it a few months ago it was comedy gold and I just wasn't in the mood the previous time. View all replies >