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Where are all the Bob Ross paintings? (video)

Pretty interesting little video from the NYT on where are all the Bob Ross paintings are, and why you can't buy one.


The Painting Whisperer


That was interesting, thanks for posting it.

Seems I'm one of the few who'd never seen his show or even heard of him until someone mentioned him here on MC. He wasn't a good painter, so I didn't get the appeal but people talked about how soothing his voice was and that watching him was somehow mesmerising, so that I can get.

He died too young, and seemed like a nice guy. Wonder what he'd think of being in the Smithsonian! 30k paintings, that's a lot of paintings.


Cool, glad you found it interesting! I did as well.

Yeah, a lot of people felt Bob to be a very calming presence. Watching his videos was almost like therapy. I'm surprised you had never heard of him. I remember watching him on PBS when I was a kid.

I think he also gained a reputation for simply being a sweet guy. He kind of became an aspirational figure. "If only everyone could be like Bob Ross." That kind of thing.

BTW, there was an hour-long documentary made about him a little while back that is also pretty interesting. If you care enough to invest the time, it's been made available on the official Bob Ross YouTube channel.


It is odd that he's something of an American TV icon (apparently becoming even more of one), and I'd never heard of him until 6 or so months ago. But I paint myself so his show wouldn't have been of interest to me. Maybe that's why. I wouldn't have known about the therapeutic value of watching him :)

Just watching that video, I can see why he became an aspirational figure. Who *wouldn't* like that guy?

I don't have an hour to spare right now, but think I want to take a look at that documentary about him when I do.


Sounds good.

Well if you ever do get around to watching that documentary, there's a board here for the film and I started a discussion thread a while back. Feel free to chime in!