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Sive or Seeve? What's your go-to remedy for a cold or flu? What, and how often, do you order stuff online? Looks interesting "Who's Cary Grant?" First! Frozen food that's actually good Texts vs Voicemail Dewey! Go, Dewey! View all posts >


I haven't heard yet about the Weinstein verdict (must Google), but I don't think either Oprah or Gayle go after black men. At the same time, although I like and admire Oprah (no comment on Gayle, don't know enough about her) it does bother me that as far as I know she's had precious little to say about Weinstein. Where's the part about the new rats? I demand an update. I like to cook, providing it's not day to day have to cook drudgery. It can be fun and creative. Problem is I don't use recipes so if something turns out great, I don't know how to make it again since it was a matter of "Oh, I've got some of that, let's try it!" Making an omelette isn't at all bad for someone who hates cooking. That sounds either horrifying or intriguing. I can't decide which. Then there's that poor guy on Ray Donovan. Bunchy. One more little letter and there you go. I have not one single clue why he's called Bunch + y, but there you are. Nature is my church. I go several times a week. "I have named it Spider. I'm not really good at naming things." 😄 I like spiders. Do you know what kind it is? The cleaners had better not kill Spider. Seriously, you had a tarantula for a while? How long did you have him or her? ☝️ Yep. Did you go to either the Akchour or Paradise Valley waterfalls? (Yes, yes I am Googling, thanks.) That turquoise water is unbelievably beautiful! View all replies >