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How do you find out about new movies and shows? Anyone else here fascinated by The Old American West? Great movie! Moving sucks The trailer looks okay, but ... Pizza night! What are you watching this Easter night? The Sound of Silent What are you watching tonight? The best thing(s) that happened to you today? View all posts >


😂😂😂 Oh my god, Dewey, Stratego, and Mina were on [i]fire[/i] that night! "Good luck opening your pickle jars. No wonder you drink" and so many more great lines that have me sitting here LOLing for reals. Someone must be backing him. Aw, I remember this thread. Dewey, ❤️ So then he's definitely not a frontman. But will he be back? Thanks, MrMojo. We as a species have gotten way out of our depth with technology. First newspapers, then radio, newsreels, then TV, then 24/7 news stations. It's too much. It is sad. Something caused him to abuse alcohol so early, and alcohol and drugs later on. It doesn't happen out of nowhere, for no reason. I'm just going by what you posted, and from that he sounds like an irresponsible brat. He had a responsibility to the rest of the band members. They tried to find him, and couldn't. He wouldn't even tell them where he was, "Why weren’t you here, man? A big decision had to be made and you weren’t here, again!” “Where do you go all the time?” asked John. “Wherever I want!” Jim shot back. “And it’s none of your fucking business. You understand?” That's not a partner, that's a despot. Wasn't he already making a lot of money at that point? Must have been, since Light My Fire had already been released and Buick wouldn't have wanted the song for their ad otherwise. Even with cell phones and computers and GPSs, people still disappear today. Back then it was much easier. He was kicked by a "mischievous person"? Okay then. Looked like a jerk move to me, but whatever. If he had a lot of integrity, he wouldn't have disappeared the way he did, and then turn around and blame his fellow band members for it, while taking no responsibility. I am a Doors fan, but not to the point of reading any biographies. View all replies >