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(Psst, because this is an echo chamber.) Come on, Ksp, he regularly refers to those on the left as "Libtards," and otherwise insults and vilifies those with whom he disagrees politically. These are not merely one liners or off the cuff remarks, nor are they only directed at individual posters. Yes, you apologised, and I appreciate that. I've also told you many times how much I admired that you and Naps, whose politics are opposite of yours, were able to discuss and remain not only civil, but friendly. That's as it should be, but usually isn't! My dearest and closest friend is the same. I adore her. But I had to make it clear early on we just couldn't discuss politics. It works out fine :) That's where I first ran into him, but he was doing the same thing on the boards where I saw him. That's an excellent point. Nudity is used far too often in sex scenes, and is almost non-existent in scenes unrelated to sex (either in the scene itself or for the audience). The only exception I can think of is the charming swimming hole scene in A Room with A View. It even had full frontal. Ksp, MMC2 has said things every bit as hateful, and I've pointed it out to you several times. It's that you're somehow blind to it when it's someone whose political position you agree with, but not when it isn't. That's what I object to. Yep, too many people go nuts when politics is the topic. It's a shame. I don't remember Malko talking about anything BUT politics. He's the only one I've seen who was Woe Is Me, and relentlessly so. But when your friend MMC2 says the same sorts of things, from the opposite POV, which he's done many times, you don't say anything, or think good riddance. I don't know who any of those guys are. Chris Rock I've heard of, but haven't heard. I miss a lot of them too 😞 You're welcome, but I think he'd already decided he wouldn't go deleting any more of them. I'm happy we've still got all the ones we've got, especially from Dewey, and from others who aren't here anymore. You're welcome! I confess to having worry wart tendencies myself. View all replies >