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I don't think it was a popular enough show for Netflix to consider it, but I'm with you anyway! Forgot about this show until I saw Tim Roth's board appear on Trending. I was very entertained by it. It might be time for a rewatch :D 👏👏👏 I dislike politics, and come here to get away from it too. Which is getting harder and harder these days. Jeez, we already have boards here for that, why pollute GD? It used to be fun to come here, relax, socialise, be silly, play games, talk about movies and such 😐 Never been to one, but I'm hungry right now, so any 3-course meal sounds great! I can't agree that [i]all[/i] celebrities are a little nuts, and are crafting every single publicly spoken word and gesture to create their public image. I've met quite a few, known two personally. One was a neighbour, another a dear friend. Neither were even a little nuts, and one was one of the finest people I've ever known. He was always just himself. But I'm sure there are many who do exactly as that writer said, and obviously MJ was one of him. He was an extreme case. Ha! I noticed the same thing recently while viewing his interviews. In the earlier ones, he sounded like a normal kid. Then, at some point later, maybe late 70s or so, he started using that weird breathy high-pitched voice and very mannered way of speaking. Sure his brothers speak that way too, but they didn't used to either! Same with Latoya. Janet's voice seemed at least relatively normal, as I remember it. It was drilled into all of them, early on, to lie and pretend they were the Perfect American Family when the cameras were rolling. I don't know that I think he was a sociopath. Could have been. Definitely a narcissist, and they have characteristics of sociopaths. Interesting quote, no? At complete odds with that sweet, naive, harmless image he wanted everyone to believe. So, do you not understand how criminal cases such as these work, then? It was about MJ sexually molesting Jorden Chandler. If JC refused to testify, they had no case. Same thing happens in domestic violence cases. If the person who was assaulted and/or battered refuses to press charges and testify, the prosecution has no choice but to drop it because they no longer have a case. The law about child molestation cases has been changed as a result of the MJ/JC case. Now, the child cannot refuse to testify. Not sure how I feel about that. I understand the reasoning, but we are talking about a [i]child[/i] being forced to take the stand, which is stressful enough for adults. Hey, another 🐱! I can see why you say that, but I think the real problem is bigger than that and is an unfortunate trait of humans. It boils down to tribalism gone bad, and applies to religion, nationalism, the Left/Right, and so on. Group XXX encounters Group YYY, who believes/thinks/whatever differently, maybe thinks/believes the opposite. Groups XXX and YYY clash (sometimes very violently) because it's not enough to be either XXX or YYY and allow the other to think/believe whatever it is the group they belong to doesn't agree with. The reason there wasn't enough evidence in the first trial is because Jordan Chandler wouldn't testify, and obviously the case was built around him. Why he refused to testify, or speak or even be seen publicly again, is a question I'm trying to find an answer to. I agree, paying a settlement doesn't necessarily mean it was a payoff out of guilt. It doesn't look good, sure, but then neither does having testified against the person you're now accusing of something you'd earlier said did not happen. Can I assume you haven't seen the documentary? No kidding! But I never expected it to happen in this particular thread 😄 It gets bonus points for a new vocab word! Nope. Completely different writing style and topics, for starters. Orson was definitely not Hownos. "I just see religion as an early attempt to explain the unexplainable and sometimes an attempt to control according to the beliefs of the time." That's exactly what I think. I do believe in what people refer to as God, but not in a way most if not all religious people would understand it. HodWatt and all of our other MC atheists, ignore the ignorant, and too often outright hateful, comments you may hear or read. View all replies >