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Unpleasant surprises What was your first post on MovieChat? This was very interesting Why are so few women here? Does anyone here use Waze? It's HOT here today 🤒 Get Tickets?? Have you ever watched any of those paranormal shows? Freedive on Amazon Prime What are you planning to watch tonight or this weekend? View all posts >


Because that wasn't his only reason for wanting to find it. He wanted to find it, see it, touch it, for himself. This is exactly how we should teach our dogs. Why people don't realise this is beyond me. It's so obvious, so simple. Ha, my dog is thumping his tail as he hears mama dog correct her pups 😄 "The 10 Things That All Flat Earthers Say" That was hilarious and I've never dipped a toe into the flat earthers thing. When did this start, anyway? People are nuttier than they used to be. Thanks, interwebs. Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar. It's because musicals were popular during a specific period of time, and popular music was used in them. Including the few rock musicals. Ineffable. Hoosegow! Someone just used it in another thread. This is a word that is worthy of being revived. Probably not. I was told there would be no geography! 😠 Hoosegow, what a great word! It needs to be used more often. Since there aren't any rap musicals, someone whose musical tastes are so restricted as to only like rap music isn't going to like musicals. That's like saying horror is such a specific genre because someone who's only into slasher movies (although there are plenty of them and a paucity of rap musicals) wouldn't like other types of horror movies, or scenes that don't have slashing. There was one. Two. View all replies >