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I hate when people don't know the difference between "your" and "you're". I due two. Glad we could help "Do not eat, serve, or sell recalled onions from Thomson International, Inc., or food made with these onions." CDC: [url]https://www.cdc.gov/salmonella/newport-07-20/index.html[/url] keybored beat me to it by a few seconds evidently the lasers come at the 4:00 minute mark At first glance he seemed familiar, but on closer inspection not so much. He may resemble some actor we all know or just a type we've all seen in Westerns: older, mustache, hat. If he does remind you of someone it may hit you in the future. Many times a face has reminded me of someone I couldn't initially place. Glad I could help. Emailed the director. The actor's name is Arlan Godthaab. A list of his movie and TV credits can be found at [url]https://resumes.actorsaccess.com/arlangodthaab[/url]. You should probably alert the prosthetics industry. I think her confusion is due to spending every day with Nyles, sleeping in different places, yet waking up in the looped morning with her sister's fiance whom she had sex with the previous night. Was going to add originally but will here: "Um, okay" was due to the internal logic, that it isn't so much they were caught in another universe among the multi-universes but rather stuck in a time loop. And being replaced in an alt-universe is something I've never heard of in any multi theory and just seems off, far-flung. Thanks again for the link. Yes, the internal logic appears to be that the looped Nyles and Sarah of the looped universe are replaced with non-looped versions when they escape because every universe needs a Nyles and Sarah. The Nyles Roy meets is the non-looped/non-caved replacement so he doesn't recognize him. View all replies >