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Daniel Radcliffe would date transgender women

Isn't this what we are to infer from his comment that "transgender women are women"? He should have no problem dating and having sex with them then I guess.

My feeling is that he actually wouldn't, and we know the reason why. I suppose if he was asked the question he'd probably dodge it and say something like he has a girlfriend already.


Good question brought up many times in the twitter trending #AskDanielRadcliffe yesterday.

Just because a woman has a penis, is harry all over, has a beard, testicles, 8X more testosterone than “cis women” and is 5X more physically strong, is many more times likely to beat his sexual partner, to kill his sexual partner, to commit violence towards random members of his community, was raised as a boy, never menstruated, ovulated, gave birth nor could, will never experience menopause, and can freely switch back to being a man at will, doesn’t mean she’s not a woman and you’re a bigot, hateful, a transphobe, and a terf if you say otherwise, and so OF COURSE he dates trans women. Otherwise he’d be a hypocrite.



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