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Was Slapsgiving 3 really a racist episode? Co-Creator Carter Bays Wants To Edit, “Remove Certain Stuff” From Comedy Series Upon Rewatch Getting slapped How I Met Your Father filming to start soon? New Hilary Duff pic. Filming to start soon? Just watched the movie She is gorgeous It seems the pilot needs to be retooled Southgate (England) squad for the Euros Luis Enrique (Spain coach) leaves all Real Madrid players out of the competition View all posts >


Awesome True They are hot as hell! Well,it has a great resume,thats sure: Mad Men,The Americans...a really great resume! Sadly you are spreading fake news. SW value clearly decresead during Disney's years. When they bought it,SW was their biggest franchise,now their biggest franchise is clearly Marvel. The 2015 movie did great because it was the great Star Wars return after many years,but after that,the liking for the story of SW went gradually down. And i think that Disney wanted actually the opposite,to episode 9 to do way better than episode 7,in the same way Endgame went way better than the first Avengers movie. Star Wars instead took the opposite road. The Mandalorian was well received,and we'll see how the other tv shows will do. But the movie situation is clearly bad,every new movie makes less money than the previous one,its a bad curve. We'll see if they will manage to change this,but they have to change a lot of elements to do that,and maybe Kennedy is one of those elements to change for the movies to do better. I would say she probably is one of the elements to change. But he is clearly in the top 26. Also,i bet Luis Enrique is now regreting the choice to take less players than the others,considering the fact that Busquests is currently out for the Covid. Lets hope for Spain that the other players are not positive otherwise it could be a problem for that,they could risk to dont have enough players to play. Turkey My ranking of strenght of the teams: 1-France 2-Portugal 3-Spain 4-England 5-Belgium 6-Italy 7-Germany 8-Netherlands 9-Croatia 10-Sweden Its a shame Italy didnt call Kean View all replies >