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Posts and links for exposing Biden Trump gets "LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP!" Chant and boos at Nats Park World Series Game. Billionaires For Biden, Feudalism For The People Campaign Announce: Welcome Aboard Dark Money Super Pacs! Elijah Cummings funeral: Mitch McConnell getting snubbed by pallbearer Bobby Rankin goes viral. Fight for someone you don’t know. :) Bernie Blackout by MSM Monopolies Democratic Frontrunners Troll bots on Twitter Pennsylvania senator who is opposed to statute of limitation reform that would protect victims of sex abuse is arrested Guess who has a bf who’s not a fat orange blob! View all posts >


Perhaps your local library or senior center has some programs to help you get informed. Good luck and best wishes! Mixed race my ass. And she proclaimed herself Native American, not mixed race. Reread my posts buddy. She’s got a teensy bit of NA blood and she IGNORED THE STANDING ROCK PROTESTS!!! Are you working for her? Or maybe you’re a bored trust fund baby with a lot of time on your hands and just feel like debating. Don’t even get me started on Obama. You think Obama quotes are profound?? Obama? WHICH policies did he enact or maintain to help the average American? WHICH ONES??? That’s helpful. He’s a Whitey Boomer choice. 😆 Also, wtf are you to question my activism? You don’t know Jack SHITT about the the time I give to my cause. You told us so? What did you tell us, boomer? Keelai only has 168 hours per week of spare time on his hands and he wants links to show how the MSM is propping up Biden so please help out. The truth, gimme a break. You don’t understand my posts and you are an annoying distraction who is now on IGNORE. You don’t sound like you know very much other than the propaganda the cable news blasts into your ears at high volume. And guess what else. You don’t get to tell me how to vote. And your propaganda addled opinions are irrelevant. View all replies >