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Tim74 is a trans identifying man. So, just to get this straight: people are accepted, missed, and mourned for around here if they are: a. A man b. A man who claims to be a woman but is in every way shape and form, a man. Sound about right? Sure, but did she say other stuff that wasn’t true? You could take any young man and chances are he has a brother who has had some success. My point is that there are generalities that charlatans are experts at exploiting. That said, I am a believer in psychic ability. I know for a fact it exists and it’s rare and no one can cultivate it the way store front gypsys pretend to be able to. Omg what happened and who did you used to be?? I thought Tim74 was a transgender man. I think they made some improvements that we were harping on, like making links live automatically without having to format them. I think the mods do pretty well. I haven’t needed much but anything I’ve reported was dealt with and vice versa. I never got a hard time about mouthing off but I’m not that big of a trouble maker, lol. I just don’t see why the mods aren’t paid anything. I mean, the site makes money on ads, right? I know you are but what am I ?? lol He had said a few months back that Biden is an “elegant gentleman” lol He’s a puppet just like trump. What has he done for America and the world? I’m not a Biden supporter and I’m asking seriously. View all replies >