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Trump thinks he’s the messiah. I visited the Tate’s house today. Trump STILL employing Undocumented Workers Bernie on Joe Rogan #1 trending video on YouTube. MoscowMitch’s Campaign suspended from Twitter. Huge crowd is holding a silent candlelight vigil outside of Moscow Mitch’s Louisville office right now.🇺🇸 Two men just got shot outside my window. RIP 8chan White Supremacist In Chief #MassacreMitch and #TrumpsTerrorists trends as Americans demand action to stop mass shootings View all posts >


LOL. I think Fox has accepted that the trump ship is sinking quickly. I would not be at all surprised to see them turn on him completely in hopes of getting another Republican to run in 2020. Here’s an interesting Op Ed on Trump and Fox News polls that cites another Fox poll from the 15th of this month that has him at only 43%. It goes on to point out how Trump is whining about the inaccuracy if Fox News polls, lol. I wonder how he would poll with Republicans or anyone who voted for him, who don’t pay too much attention to any political news. I mean the people who only hear about the most glaring headlines, such as the border concentration camps and his climate change denial, etc. Edit: just realized OP refers to his disapproval rating. Well, Tucker Carlson thinks there are enough to fill a stadium so what’s that, like 100,000? And he says that as if it’s a good thing that number is so low. But how many nut jobs are out there??? You’re right but ew. Oh thanks, lol. It’s nice to have the vote of confidence but most women aren’t as physically strong as men and that’s important to remember for obvious reasons. Anything such as put air in her tires without getting sexually harassed? Yes, that and his megalomania at work. But again I ask: how many idiotic, racist white people are there in this country? It’s a terrifying thought. I’d like to think his base is shrinking every day but I don’t know. Right. Not directly saving money that is, but saving money in the form of increasing profits by helping trump to get re-elected and pass or maintain legislation in their favor. Not necessarily on Earth but yes I think we’ve got a long way to go and that we probably started somewhere else. View all replies >