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Bernie’s prediction: We have to talk about politics here now. Why? BIBLE HEALING OILS E Pluribus Unum If ever there was a moment in the history of our nation when despair was not an option; this is that moment. Bernie on Trump: “The Corporate Socialist president just opposes anything that helps all the people.“ Bernie on Trump: The Corporate Socialist president just opposes anything that helps all the people. Bernie: Trump is lying again. Bernie’s Speech at GWU. View all posts >


I hope the site gets more write ups, like Hollywood Reporter and Variety. 😄 That makes sense. I’m confused about how posts get buried on Politics easier than on Trump. I thought super delegates were now only going to be used for ties, no? I hope you’re right but today all I can think about is how corrupt everyone is. The DNC kept him out last time. Why should this time be any different? Violet, why not just post anything about trump, minus his entertainment roles, in Politics? I don’t understand why some of us are unhappy with this new policy. I find it refreshing quite frankly. It turns off many new visitors to see him constantly trending. I see this change as a positive move that will help bring and keep more traffic at this site to discuss even old and obscure movies. Just my 2¢! Agreed. Bernie responds to trump’s campaign launch: [url][/url] Hasn’t started yet. His meatheads don’t care about those things. Why do you assume she’s a man? View all replies >