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Oh, I see now. Yes, thank you very much for all of the detailed, well informed posts! I appreciate it and I learned a lot! The oversight is standard operating procedure for any new president? Thank you for your knowledge ! So they’ve basically just been stalling knowing they’ll be coughing it up eventually? Joi just mentioned that it was Cohen’s testimony and that it contradicted trump’s financial disclosures on becoming president. OK! This explains a lot! Thank you! I would LOVE to see the interviews/interrogations/threat sessions that got Cohen to flip. What pushed him over the edge and how was it phrased? I see. Yes, the paying porn stars always seemed minor compared to everything else. While we all know he’s guilty AF, do you know offhand what facts were used to get the judge to ok the subpoenas? Thank you. :) So the conflicts of interest would be reflected in these tax returns from before he was president? How? This is all very confusing to me. The fact that he’s got foreign officials spending money at his hotels seems like all the proof anyone should need that he’s personally profiting off of his position as the most powerful person in our government. Normally I find articles to answer these questions myself but I’m very busy working a lot. Ok. I thought they wanted his returns for the hush money issue. This is for the hush money payments that we already have proof of in the form of the actual cancelled checks and the testimony of Cohen who went to jail for his part in it? Same here! View all replies >