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Slam dunk ! What is your opinion of this car knocking down a girl video ? Do you think this pandemic should lead to a rethink about Nursing Homes ? The Great what ? Rank the Monty Python actors by how funny you found them to be. Gob smacking ! Part 2 - Paul Clever Sheri Moon Zombie ? Part 2 concentrates on Paul of Tarsus. View all posts >


I caught the virus back in the "first wave" in Melbourne in April. Even though it got into my lungs I took my chances with it at home on my own. So my perspective on it is first hand. In my opinion the politicians and medicos have responded with a strategy that they hope will protect them first and foremost. The politicians don't want to get blamed for the problems the virus is causing and lose at the next election and the medicos don't want to get the virus and possibly lose their lives. They have no vaccine and no practical medications to treat it, all they have is the lock down which is strangling the economy with no end in sight. They should lift the lock down and tell people they will have to take their chances at home because the medical system won't be able to cope with the number of infections. With a mortality rate of around 1% this virus is not as lethal as the scaremongering tactics would have you believe. Yes a lot of people will die but as Trump pointed out it is what it is. All we are doing now is putting the pandemic in slow motion and drawing it out for no good reason. That is the last thing white people should do. What a moronic suggestion. No just the extraction. Down to 24 from the original 32 now. After breaking twice the tooth was beyond resurrection for a third time so it had to go. The people that are afraid of catching it and the hysterical response to it by both the politicians and the medical profession ( in Australia at least ). An extraction. Unfortunately the roots of my mutant teeth end in a round ball of bone making extractions difficult. Eventually the dentist gave up trying to pull it out and went for the scalpel. After getting home I spent the next four hours spitting blood into the basin and ended up clogging it. Thereafter followed by dry socket for a few weeks until it finally healed over. Still it only cost me $500 for the privilege and the wound didn't get infected so I guess I shouldn't complain. Never heard of him. "Wherever you think the technology is I can guarantee you're wrong." Who knows what our Overlords have up their voluminous sleeves as far as secret technology is concerned ? No apart from the iconic Augusta tournament and the British Open I prefer to watch the Women's Golf. The girls don't play as exciting a brand of golf as the men but I much prefer their demeanour around the course. They don't take themselves as seriously as the men. They smile and joke and it's generally more fun. The Marathon LPGA Tournament at Highland Meadows Golf Club in Toledo Ohio. Lydia Ko (NZ) progressively threw away a five shot lead in the last round to lose to Danielle Kang (US) on the final hole. I hate tournaments that end like that with the players going over the line with a car crash finish. At least Minjee Lee (Aust) slam dunked an eagle on the 17th and followed that up with a birdie on the 18th for a bit of sunshine amid the gloom. On to Scotland for the Women's Scottish and British Opens next. View all replies >