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Which is your favourite audiobook ? Dudley Moore Trio - The Look of Love China's fresh meat markets back in business ! Does anyone think they might have had Covid-19 already ? Do you think that everyone who claims to have coronavirus actually has it ? Gal Gadot's name spelt backwards... Do you like the bleach ? Great title. Queen Reylene Palpatine The story of my life. View all posts >


I'm in Australia and I went to the supermarket today. The toilet paper was back on the shelves but now the tomato sauce ( ketchup ), frozen vegetables, vitamin C and soap ( including the laundry soap ) have been bought out. hate audiobooks ? I don't like wearing a wrist watch. I find them uncomfortable. No the Bible was "completed" as you say hundreds of years after the Gospels were written. Perhaps I should have said a secular Christian which is the common term I think. A small "c" christian by cultural absorption. And it's not true to say of the Bible that "either you believe it or you don't". That is a dogmatic position which is to say a position where a person has painted themselves into a corner. If one thing in the Bible can be shown to be untrue then the whole thing collapses. Spoiler And Then There Were None (2015) TV Mini-Series Middlemarch is to me in some ways similar to Jane Austen's Mansfield Park in that the prose can at times be quite dense and a little difficult to unpack due to the manner of putting things. Oblique and roundabout you might say. I find it easier to follow when it's read by someone who understands it. Somehow they seem to help me get the meaning more easily. But then maybe that's just me. Android humour... Too true. A great comedian, gifted jazz <b>and</b> classical pianist and a self-described sex thimble ! That is a circular argument. You might look into reading up on critical thinking. I could be described as an agnostic Christian myself so I am not trying to undermine Christianity. But insisting every word in the Bible is THE TRUTH really makes things very difficult. View all replies >