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Why Hollywood won't cast Kim Basinger anymore

As the daughter of a jazz musician and a ballet dancer, Kim Basinger was destined for a career in the performing arts. At age 17, the Georgia native moved to New York City and started working as a model. She famously posed for Playboy in 1983, and that same year appeared opposite Sean Connery in the James Bond movie Never Say Never Again. Playing a Bond girl was only the beginning for Basinger — she became a full-fledged Hollywood sex symbol in the '80s and early '90s, pushing the boundaries of the era with movies like 9½ Weeks, an erotic drama in the same vein as Fifty Shades of Grey.

Of course, Basinger appeared in the Fifty Shades franchise many years later, portraying the woman who introduced kinky businessman Christian Grey to the world of BDSM when he was an impressionable teenager. 2017's Fifty Shades Darker remains Basinger's most recent feature film appearance. She popped up in critically acclaimed Amazon series Comrade Detective a few months later, but hasn't been seen on either the big or the small screen since. How did this Oscar-winning star manage to fall off the radar? Here's why Hollywood won't cast Kim Basinger anymore.

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She hasn't been.

She simply stopped making a great deal of money for films back in the 1990s, and that diminished her appeal as a performer. There's not much point in casting performers if their presence in your project isn't going attract much attention at the box office.

There's also the fact that Basinger isn't a particularly strong actor. She's not a Shakespearean, she doesn't do comedy very well, she's limited in her dramatic range, and at 66, her “sex kitten “ days are decades behind her. Basically there aren't many roles where she would “fit", and the competition for those few is quite fierce.

Finally, Basinger has a number of mental health issues which have plagued her since at least the 1990s. While she seems to have gotten them under control, they manifested themselves during what was height of her career, which was frankly disastrous for her. She's never been able to recover from that professional setback, and that's why she's rarely seen these days.

Kim Basinger hasn't been “blacklisted”.

She is an older actor, with a limited range, who wasn't making money for film productions. She just wasn't appealing to cast any longer.


Alot of actresses fit this bill- and they whine about being scenery to look at- and this from former models? Lol

Let alone the casting couch millionairesses.


Though hot. I think she is wooden and relied heavily on her looks. Now that she’s aged so did her career.


Kim Basinger’s career was always kind of “iffy” and she is known primarily for being a sex symbol rather than a great actress.

She and Alec Baldwin’s behavior on the set of ‘The Marrying Man’ damaged her career and her reputation. The fact that ‘The Marrying Man’ was also a terrible movie, basically unwatchable, didn’t help matters.

Then came the ‘Boxing Helena’ lawsuit. Makers of the film ‘Boxing Helena’ said that Kim Basinger agreed to star in the film, had been fitted for wardrobe and then she suddenly dropped out without making any effort to help them find a replacement. Basinger denied that agreed to star in the film, the team behind ‘Boxing Helena’ filed suit, Basinger did not come off as honest or credible on the witness stand, she lost the case and was order to pay the filmmakers I believe about $9 million in damages.

Basinger turned around and declared bankruptcy and the filmmakers ended up getting about half of that amount.

This also did not exactly make people in Hollywood want to work with her.

Basinger made a bit of a comeback when she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film ‘L.A. Confidential’. But after that she pretty much faded from public view.

Kim Basinger’s lack of popularity might be a little more complicated. In 1993 Basinger was successfully sued for breach of contract by quitting the production of the film Boxing Helena and found liable for around $8 million in damages. Apart from the money, the simple fact of Basinger quitting a film at that stage in production might have made many other filmmakers perpetually reluctant to hire her for fear she’d do it again.

Additionally, Basinger’s opportunities might in part be stifled by the popularity of her former husband, Alec Baldwin. Around the beginning of the century the two of them had an extremely contentious divorce and custody battle. To the extent that Baldwin is popular and has some influence, it is possible that he continues to discourage Basinger getting work wherever he can in retaliation for this.

While the ‘anything for a paycheck’ may be valid, she lost Hollywood’s confidence when she backed out of the starring role in “Boxing Helena” (for reasons of the character’s degradation) and lost the subsequent lawsuit on appeal.

It is entirely possible that Fifty Shades Darker was the highest profile paycheck that she would ever be offered.

I believe that Basinger destroyed her career in the early 90s when she backed out of starring in “Boxing Helena” and was sued for breach of contract.

Hollywood tends to be very focused on women’s age. Kim is beyond the age that Hollywood finds attractive. But generally independent films are more flexible when it comes to casting. The reason is that with lower budgets, they can afford to take chances.

Basinger foolishly agreed to a role in a film entitled Boxing Helena - For reasons never adequately explained, she decided to back out of the role, thinking she could do so because she hadn’t signed a written agreement. Unfortunately for Basinger, she failed to realize that the substantial amount of time that she spent discussing the role, and the effort that was put in could be construed as a verbal contract. A lawsuit was filed, a jury found her in default of the contract, and in what was another foolish decision, Basinger elected not make the film and was forced to pay a settlement and legal fees. The film was made anyway and it was a disaster. However, had Basinger simply done the film, or carefully consulted with her legal advisers, she could have avoided a series of poor decisions that cost her millions, forced her to declare bankruptcy, and seriously damaged her career.


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