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Happy Halloween! Bryce who? Lost by the first... Such a wonderful film... Disowned Wonder what she’s doing with that Loser Zombie? Wtf??? Meghann Gundermann Rejected Prince William List Of Rainy Slashers The Firing of Dave Dombrowski HHH snub View all posts >


Did u see the krusher fight? Roman is usually bigger, and faster than his opponents and even if he loses he gets help from behind the ropes. I think I was aiming at Canelo. But you can add tyson fury, roid jones, de la hoya, mike tyson, chavez jr, andre ward, choloatito. All! I like him in Spartacus as well. Yea, im actually not a fan of his but he worked for this and his dedication payed off. Always liked it and one of my favourite princes. She did some movies like banging emienem. For all we know she was blackballed because she dumped Alec and probably rejected Weinstein. Didnt read any dumb things people ignored. I think so. Yea i thought it was obvious but they probably assumed the audience wouldnt bother to care. View all replies >