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Fine!!!! As Hell! UFC 229: Khabib vs. McGregor Clive Owen's Master Performance Can you get any hotter than Taryn White? The String Death *Spoilers* How is this one considered a classic or the best? Who The FUCK Watches this Garbage!!? Great Producers! Arquette looks babacious in this! Should've won Multiple Oscars View all posts >


I dont think they were recycled. They were funnier, had more slashers, and action almost vastly different than the first. The first one was a bust. It was like he was trying to make Halloween but it came out bad. The rest were a lot of fun, were creative, and fresh. Thank god it didnt have him on it. He wanted to end the franchise at one. All the awesome follow ups wouldnt have been made. She's in high demand. That guy is an idiot. This is clearly not a ripoff of aliens and much better. and Dont worry. It did age well. This movie as truly amazing. I just wish they ever take out the director's uncut restored in bluray. I think similar films have been made as a tribute. But to me this was the orginator and the best. A true favorite. because he is gloating as he got filled with narcissism. lol. No I didnt. I said Babacious. and saying she's fine, lovely, and beautiful doesnt mean I'm saying I want to have sex with her or that I am. Regardless of sex Mrs. Arquette is one Fine Beauty Masterpiece! I agree. I know a lot of people like her in this. I'm not a big fan but I thought she was alright. Who said I was forcing? but her man wouldnt give her oral. Where there's smoke... Up in smoke tour... His doctor is Dre. View all replies >