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I think Jack can play anything. Most of his part was based on seduction, impressions, mysticism, and acting. Not much fighting for a fighting type of movie. He also left a strong impression on the movie even though he wasnt the lead. Thulsa Doom as above. I actually would’ve liked had he had more lead roles and more like these as well. It adds self-defense, blacks( black lives matter), modern adaptation, tinder, heartless blindly backstabbing, modern updated, social commentary. Yea, cringe. People have no Mind. I do all the time. But most of the time I challenge them to get a job, do something, or be productive. If I see they are just scamming low life scrubs I shine them. I dont watch silicon and steriods prereheresed sweaty trash grade drama! Yea die without fighting. Ooh I feel so sorry for the both of them 😩! It was over the moment she decided to sell out and whore herself all over the world! View all replies >