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The Best Song on The Film Big Time! If Clint ran against Obama... Wat the hell my Clint Post Snubbed Oscar Snubbed Christmas Movie Stone Intro better than the Original Christmas Movie? View all posts >


Bigger TITS! I thought it did good. In the box. I thought they had several sequels planned out but for whatever reason they axed it. I know they have a tv show and hate the idea that they cancelled the movies and went on with a series. I dont think Saoirse can be replaced. Fan Beatings- The last limo guy roller girl rolled was a fan and an admirer but she denied his truths and beat the shit oughta him just cause she was insecure. Whore Beatings- When they beat up the pornstars. Example when Roller girl is getting beat up by fan. Even though it didnt appear to have Straight Christian themes. This is what these idiots don't see! The Real Drew gets payed for nudes which is like getting paid for porn. Wedding Singer? Yea I agree. The bout being so unlike her appealed to her immensely. Nude scenes? My mom loves her in that. View all replies >