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Probably. But did Chuck ever do anything else? and it's not like Mike asked to join the band. I do think it's fucked up what happened but to me Mike made Faith No More more than anything. I dont think Fred Hampton, or Malcolm X ever acquired power. Though I dont completely disagree with your point of view. Regardless of the corruption and Predator leaders behind it and I stand for it's intentions of helping the people in need. BLM and the Trump Administration... I think the film could only end one way and if the movie didnt slightly focus on Hampton it wouldn't have made sense. They did what they could as much as they could in a 2 hour movie. I didnt see it all that bad. Just too Rated for a kids movie. But it made sense, the rich do a lot of damage to society that isn't accounted for. Far worst than this but that is never talked about. BLM seems like a sequence of the Black Panther. Naw, he still has way better ones, as mentioned above. Ferris Hand's down. In everyway. I didnt see it that way. The film did have some interesting social commentary. Slap stick could be found anywhere. because of that song I fell into a playlist I'm still listening to this very moment, and enjoying. It has a lot of billie holiday. She is a Goddess. I actually have it in pitch black mode. You cant get it without a hack. You wouldnt like it. I just remembered the one your talking about. That one actually sucks. It's almost the color of my moviechat but my moviechat is still darker. and let me advise you that black is actually good cause it saves more light giving you more battery power. seeing the obscure, strange, and random list. I think it's fine and great. Just lucky you got the time. Dont think I've seen a single one from the list. View all replies >