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She is from there so people that look like from there are producing good looks. Yea thx! Ooh didnt see when I looked. Thx. Buffalo also has the taut thriller element. A major difference is that in Seven *Spoiler* The killer gets caught/ turns himself in and purposely commits suicide for the catholic sins theme. Silence Hannibal gets away. So that’s why he saying Australian is producing insanely beautiful women. Wow! U rely lik skool. Still doesnt prove how ur a nerd jew loving idiot. I’ll go back to my cave when u stop being a crybaby. I think she was always hot. How is she not married is a mystery to me. I think so. Though illogical. There must be more than meets the eye. Im against it. I think it could be traumatic for them. Completely agree. Sometimes I watch really old ones and then go. “ ooh that’s where they got that from” even though the new ones have more cgi, education, and improved techniques. You cant beat those good old actors. View all replies >