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Great show, sexy birds in short skirts!! Only two Templars at the end? Not a very Roman sword? Won't even bother watching series 1-7 now Next, America has fallen? Why boring racial politics with ethnic casting and characterisations? Murdered? CIA? Prince (Ponce) Andrew connection? More casting couch fodder What does Vasquez say to Hudson? Already done to death... View all posts >


I agree, she's gorgeous. Bitches can fuck off Teens are annoying little fuckers that think they know it all, nothing wrong here. I thought they were boring, especially after all that long wait for the expectedly explosive finale! It's called democracy, isn't it? Getting aggressive because someone has their own [different] opinion says more about those that get uptight. The films are trash and typically American flag-waving crap, but great after a few beers or a smoke, that's it. They DID get the estate's permission, idiot He's talented, unlike most whining, shrieking actresses in Hollywood, who's only way forward is to open their legs and bitch later Whereas their victories in Britain (and Ireland) are- Battle (in Scotland) 839 Portland (840) Battle at York (866) Aelle vs The ‘’Great Army’’ Basing; Meretun; Reading; Wilton & three more unnamed, all in 871 Battle of Dollar (875) Scotland Battle at Crail (877). Halfdan again beats the Scots and kills Constantine Battle of ??? (952) in Northumbria. Erik Bloodaxe vs Scots/Northumbrians Battle of Maldon (991) Battle of Dean (1001) - Hampshire vs Danes: Vikings won (though they took heavier casualties). Battle at Pinhoe (1001) - "Kola the high-reeve" and "Eadsige the reeve" vs the "force" Battle of Nairn (1009) Scotland Battle of Clontarf (1014) Ireland. the last major battle involving Vikings Battle of Fulford (1066) Harald Hardrada beats an army under Earls Edwin and Morcar That's weird, because Americans and Canadians I've met always understood my accent (a bit like Sean Bean)? Yes, Hollywood is full of shit (and paedophiles), and shit films. What? View all replies >