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What happened to Kevin McKidd? Still a hero and a great legend! Why do the characters never go for a poo? Millenials will have forgotten the original by now! Perves are wrong, yes, but SJW lesbo's and crybabies? Make your own S1-S8 GOT compilation? What is it with Hollywood and Hillbillys? Bran the Boring Unanswered 'how' questions? What was the mountain doing? View all posts >


Or just flood the planet with lethal gases/Nuclear radiation, etc ''Elite'', organised paedo rings, protected by- and blackmailed by- various Intelligence agencies (CIA, MI5, Mossad)- according to former Intelligence agents. Another sad, mental old grannie...desperate Good theories, but the door to Mother made a very audible 'swish' noise for Ripley, and that was a quiet room. Good for him, lack of female characters doesn't mean we have to panic and suck up to any talentless women just to make up fuckin quotas? Do women get their breaks these days because modern men are spineless? No, I was interested in people's [i]opinions[/i] about this? I don't know who killed JFK either, but this is a FILM board, to discuss things? Jeez What's not true about what he stated? Good points Well, congrats for her personally, but for the world of acting and music, not good news. They sure did! Bastards View all replies >