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Rob Roy (1995) - the old hag? Can a compilation film be made of season 8? Neeson should have played De Valera What a fuckin disaster series 8 is/was... Could the Night King return in some form or other? Crap actor, awful human being Barely give a crap about the finale What the hell is going on with this formely great show??? (Spoilers) Do Americans practice an English northern accent? Stupid Winterfell defence View all posts >


Yes, I think that's her! Thanks I agree, immature scriptwriting for yet ANOTHER cliched Hollywood ending. Definitely, the shit writers have just given the fingers to the fans. Maybe they have to pay export tax on each one? Nearly, but the writers fucked it all up Hmmm, finally Bran would be of some use! You can tell, they cocked the show up with retarded writing and dumbing down. Won't happen - too much $$$ involved... Lol. Agreed. PC entitlement Yes, but after ... the two slow openers (waste of time, we already know the characters), the illogically tactical[less] battle of Winterfell, the lack of intelligent script writing and dumbing down of characters and their carefully-created arcs, The lack of twists and political scheming ...I am too depressed to care. View all replies >