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Well, Dufresne shaw got shanked? Vikings DIDN'T win even nearly most of their fights against Anglo-Saxons! What did Atia do to Servilia? Wny cancel the great original for THIS? God, was he ugly? Michael Caine's first wife Stuck-up, anal Jap girl in the club Capone was attacked in Jail Hudson- immature flake View all posts >


Yeah, creepy. But obvious, c'mon, Brooke? Lol, I agree. There used to be an Imdb user called Rossymclynn or some other gay name, that always defended this film with the lamest excuses. Kevin Shipp, a whistleblower and former CIA senior officer of 20+ years, said that there's no way the agency would leave any serious conspiracy stuff to chance to be found. If it ever was on paper Hmm, maybe a bit old now- as the Trek stars were even by the late 70's? If they made an in-depth biopic film with lookalikes showing the boys larking about on set, meeting the Beatles etc? Watched it again and that duel was obviously cut to ribbons...then quickly hobbled back together in a rush? Several crude editing jumps and odd weapons appearing? I managed to "find" a crystal clear copy online of a dvd quality version for a real fan friend of mine, he said that the only difference between it and the 1977 original is a few seconds of cgi!! Yeah, Hollywood has a neverending line of mouthy and skinny old ''actresses'' (former models- but they aren't to be stared at!!!!!!) Druggie, possibly gay, weak and sexually weird....some ideal of Aryan being this fucker was. The USA is good at that. View all replies >