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Women were way more attractive back then "Actress" Lol Feminazi witchhunt - only sad way they can ''get power'' (not 'equality'?) Will Arnie be a disabled, Communist Gay in the next one? This guy nails the GREATEST ending to this incredible show... Will he appear in a Woke film? A lezzie shaven-headed Woke-Gretel, any Hansel? Swearing in Beatles songs Perfect song for the soundtrack Already sick of this bigoted social fascism View all posts >


Then you don't make sense, he was [i]acting [/i]as he was expected to. Don't think she was well to do, her parents were average, also actors? Grasping, lying slags Because the current fashion is for feminazi misandrist fascism Lol, and all hypocritical crybabies that opened their legs for fame and fortune. Joan Collins said she didn't cast couch, but walked away. Only the desperate cheap slappers agreed to do it he's right, too many silly, squawking girls on the damned radio He's as straight as Cliff Richard.... Ah, but you're forgetting this... Arrogant bitch needs a slap, as any diva does... a bit like when people are in shock? Bit like hypocritical feminazis and annoying SJW lezzies. View all replies >