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Stupid name She was brilliant in 'Hit and Miss' Why no Eisenhower or Montgomery? But remember, females aren't sexual objects....! If made today - disaster PC nightmare The Mountain was borrowed from The Court jester (1956) Stone was gorgeous, the REAL Ginger was skanky ugly Most borrring band in history The Bakshi LotR Ring Wraiths were far scarier than Jackson's. Ridiculous stop animated Terminator View all posts >


He was in X-Files twice! Tooms and Squeeze. Hmm, one with incredible survival /homicidal skills and doesn't show up on Police systems? yeah Well no, they did Bedsitland which was good? Still a rampant, mincing gaylord, though. Yes, lol. And Frank to Jane (from memory)- "just coz you jilted me at the wedding (points at Ed)....he was in tears....howling like a baby!" Ed- "Frank, get a grip of yourself, for Christ's sakes!" Think he signed his name at the top of the first page... Naked Gun I never heard white fascists - John talentless Wayne Walt Nazi Disney J Edgar ''I'm black but hate blacks' Hoover Charles 'nazi lover' Lindbergh praising BLACK artists either?? No- SOME British people complained... as some always fuckin do. Does it correctly state that WW2 for the [b]western [/b]nations began in 1939, not 1941? Appropriate user name for a childish and tasteless jerk. Go hug your mom View all replies >