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They don't re-make em like they used to! Even people I know who like comics hate these movies, people who are now in their 30s. I actually consider movies from this century "new"... Heck, even the last 35 years. you're a sadist. This was the longest #1 song, until The Beatles said "na na na na na" enough times that "Hey Jude" was longer. and another "new" troll who posts nothing but this garbage... I don't think a country with NUKES needs protecting. Its an apartheid state that has broken every single UN charter, countless international law, but of course, I bet "johnrogan" and his ilk supported South Africa and every other genocidal country.. What's next? "Should we invade Myanmar?"? I wrote to Ray Carney years ago, and then again a month ago, he responded and we had some conversation. I admire him I thought the writing was the problem, and no scene really took it off, and each felt totally separate.... And Jack is one of my favorite actors, but one of a few where he didn't play himself.. Maybe the movie before, too, "Carnal Knowledge" I remember in 2009 I ate a doner kabob almost every single day in the 4.5 months I was in Europe, and from 4 different countries, which was cool to compare.. Netherlands, Germany (same taste) and later to Greece where it was great of course, and the Hungary, which was the most different of them all.. Saltier, different kinds of spices (I don't know anything about food except for eating it), and then went back to Germany and Netherlands, and still wasn't sick of them. I think I ate lamb 90% of the time, but if they didn't have it, I'd ask for beef. Pork is my least favorite, but it was better than nothing. Mort Sahl, but I hope he'll outlive me. View all replies >