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I liked Amelia, and if you like the lead actress, you might like "He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not" How long did you stay at the job? Did things get better? That's what I was talking about... I would never even bring up the lottery, or things that are unreal and impossible (being invisible) I'll add it to the watchlist. Thanks! the best one Thank you, GlenEyllyn.. 10,000+ is quite impressive! I think it would be a good idea for the Mods to maybe make that change. If you click on a Notification, and reply too fast, it will automatically go to Page 1, and you end up losing what you typed! I think we only have a spectrum of choice.. Depending on how someone is born, or develops, there are certain things mentally and/or physically one can't do. I've ALWAYS been wanting to see a good fantasy movie, but its usually in my head.. Maybe something from another country could do? Especially something made before the 1980s (I don't like new movies, 99% of what I love was created before me) "One Of These Nights" is just as good. Well thanks for the description.. I will prioritize it, and try to remember to review it after I see it. View all replies >