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A Child Is Waiting (Cassavetes) Judy Garland was made for this movie, especially her vulnerability. Burt Lancaster also stars in this 10/10 movie. Definitely pulls the heart strings. That's even scarier, that there is no independence in acting that it seems like there's only one kind - "movie acting", but I've seen non-mainstream stuff, so I'll have to disagree. Good performance, good movie. I think movies definitely have influence. And sometimes for the better. "The Battle of Algiers" Huxley's "Brave New World"? The book was hard to understand, so I stopped reading it... I think I have it in a box somewhere in my house. I read his favorite movie is "Wine Noon" - it's probably my favorite, too. I like Van Halen, but not Van Hagar. I'm not a big fan of Eddie's squealing and tapping, though. I actually like Ozzy's singing.. It's his TALKING that drives me nuts. I've never ever heard anyone talk like him. I'm bumping this only because I know and have read people who are struggling financially. I had no idea I had anything. I was perusing Yahoo like usual in the morning, and came across the link. I got $305, and cashed it Friday. View all replies >