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yup.. The Democratic Leadership Council. Basically right-wingers who shout about abortion rights, to play both sides of the coin.... Unfortunately, half the country is too dumb to know any political distinction. Or the non-trivial/gossip history. in this order: Harry and Tonto, La Strada, Nashville, They Shoot Horses, Don't They?,Network, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, Battle of Algiers, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, A Woman Under The Influence, Buffalo '66, Mr. Deeds Goes To Town, The Devil and Daniel Webster, Harold and Maude, La Grande Illusion, Shadows in Paradise, Ace in the Hole, The Swimmer, The Seventh Seal, Umberto D, Bicycle Thieves, There Will Be Blood No, he was not good. Another war criminal. Repealed Glass-Steagull... Signed NAFTA... He threw half the blacks in prison -- Criminal Justice for profit, DOMA, DOn't Ask Don't Tell.... He helped Wall Street, especially Citibank. There haven't been any good presidents in the modern age. You'd have to go back to FDR and JFK. I'm in my 30s, wasn't alive then, so its not nostalgia. Talent should not have a quota. I would say yes to the latter.. His first movie was in Polish, and his most known movie is "Chinatown" (English) I liked "Last Summer" and "Diary of a Mad Housewife" and I think I gave them both a 7/10... It seems like the time he got divorced, the movies were being made at the same (or better pace at first), which shows what happens to the writing team (he and his ex-wife Eleanor). actually "Man on a Swing" is one I have... Never saw "Play It As It Lays" but I was probably averse to it because of Perkins, who just seems nervous constantly. I have seen most, but "Play It As It Lays" has been on my watch-list and hopefully will watch it sooner than later. Was Dustin Hoffman acting back then? View all replies >