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Has anyone seen this, is it worth a watch? Shit Sandwich RIP Cindy Morgan Rotten Tomatoes deleting/censoring rotten reviews? The parking garage jump scene… Without spoiling anything, is this movie worth watching or is it a long, depressing, downer of a film? Utter WOKE garbage. Anyone else feel that the daughter character was a racist and the mother character was rather sensible? Trailer dropped, and it looks damn good imo. Stephen A Smith calls out the narcissistic sociopath Jussie Smollett for being a loathsome individual. View all posts >


I agree that Tenet is somewhat flawed and at the bottom of Nolan’s filmography in terms of quality, and may be a bit forgettable as well, but imo it’s still very much an entertaining film and for every person that complains when they care, there are a thousand and one that complain for the sake of complaining, not throwing you into that mix, as I believe you when you say that you care. As confusing as TENET is, I don’t understand the backlash, imo, even though it’s a difficult pill to swallow, as it relates to grasping the full scope, it is still better than the majority of shite that Hollywood puts out and I respect Nolan’s intentions in creating a challenging, non-radio-friendly type film. Didn’t she AK47 an entire room of unarmed, Russian Golden Eye operatives? Touché, but I believe it’s heavily implied Vincent has a problem, as his heroin use did ultimately lead to his death, being constipated while using and then having to go at the most inopportune time… I love this film too, and no one ragged on Norton for his portrayal of Brian due to the fact that he didn’t go full send like Penn did in I am Sam. You should’ve seen what the writers wanted to be sucked. It wasn’t a finger, believe me. You may be right but I think it was more than that. Maybe so far as a rape role-play or something. The story is unimaginative? As far as narratives go, Prometheus stands out as having a wholly original story without any agenda focused socio-political nonsense. I feel it excelled in the imaginative process although some of the characters were ridiculous to an absurd level at times. As far as Hollywood films go I rate Prometheus as one of the better ones, but I completely agree that some of the characters, the geologist and his scientist compadre especially, did in fact go full retard. Good one lol, just picture a mullet in the back with an ear ring and it’s a solid doppelgänger. I respect your opinion OP but I love this film, the novel too. That being said, it’s really difficult for me to watch as it’s such a deeply tragic film, and the feelings it invokes within me are visceral ones to say the least. View all replies >