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Say what you will about the 1994 OG, and yes, it was only made to maintain the rights and maybe it was never intended for a commercial release, but at least it has heart, not a soulless vacuum like its successors and the “it’s so bad it’s good” parlance, has never been more true. You’re welcome! I’m just glad someone out there stumbled across my post and put it to use! Fuckin’ A! Oh yea, and I still enjoy watching it decades later. That sounds right. Agreed, Percy was indeed an evil SOB. Well said. The most important and much needed change, imo, was the Barron’s death, for the life of me I have no clue as to why Herbert gave the Barron such an abysmal send off. It’s beyond anticlimactic, pricked and dead, no writhing in agony, not even a whimper of protest, a massive let down for me at least. Villeneuve did it justice, the Barron needed a violent and humiliating death, again imo. I think they did. Good one! Taking the money would have negated Driver’s character arc, not to mention further putting his love interest as well as her son in harm’s way, e.g., No Country For Old Men. It was 100% not someone from the opening heist scene. I’m not, I subscribe to some of his methods but for the most part have figured out what works for me through trial/error, and of course putting in the work. That’s a hell of a feat, and I know the difficulty of the terrain, I just reached 10 years myself. Phoenix and Gibson have great chemistry! I always crack up during the scene when the alien is on the roof and they’re both running around the house screaming and hollering trying to scare off who ever they think is trying to mess with them. Your post was hilarious as well as terrifying. You’re absolutely right of course, and I guess that’s part of being human, we get to pick and choose. That being said, when it comes to the things I choose to avoid it’s going to be subjective to me, in relation to the reason why. For example, I can research conflict free diamonds, or maybe my partner simply finds a diamond ring to be a foolish investment when it comes to our relationship…, and why would I boycott all those movies, was Harvey Weinstein attached to all of them, if so, I get your point, but when I watch those films Harvey isn’t at the forefront of my thought process during the viewing, that being said, anything Will Smith is in will inadvertently have the opposite effect, in that his performance will be diminished by my opinion of him, and in turn I will not enjoy the film. Thank you for sharing you personal experiences with us. You said “was,” are you still drinking, just not as much or are you sober, no pressure to answer, cheers either way. Good riddance. Both, lol! And I have not seen Falling, I’ll check it out!