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The Backlash Commercial with Bowie Star Wars / Indiana Jones / Etc. Is she Nope. What the fuck is this propagandized bullshit??? THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF EXCELLENT Cultural appropriation What the hell has happened to softcore porn??? Movie poster View all posts >


No Run to the Hills? No thanks. Your headline is already a logical fallacy. Calling decadence "progress" is disingenuous. What "progressives" really stand for is laziness and a refusal to take personal responsibility. I'm beginning to think they consider the losses necessary costs to shut out anyone who refuses to go along with "the new normal" (to put it as briefly as possible). They learned, with the all-women Ghostbusters, that they can just insult the audience and not worry about the quality of the movie itself. The truth doesn't matter when it comes to mob mentality. Social media has really unveiled just how stupid the average person is. How gullible. How willing they are to believe whatever someone else tells them. It's about survivors (and not survivors) of sexual abuse. That's why the Big Boss monster at the end is the girl's father (and why blood shows up in the pool, symbolizing her father taking her virginity). It's why the kid across the street is killed by a monster that looks like his mother, etc. "fixated with wokeness" Not a bad thing to be, considering wokeism is fixated with destroying civilized society. Are we ok with kids having cell phones that give them access to the internet and all the bile on it? Were we ok with kids being able to sneak up at night and watch R-rated movies on cable television back in the day? At what point in the ongoing decline of the West should people have spoken up and said, "Hey, let's let the kids have a LITTLE bit of innocence?" By 2013, that ship had sailed (evidence: 10 years later, children are being dressed in drag and treated like strippers; let's be honest, the West is all about leisure time. Nobody really gives a shit about the children). That was the point. You actually thought posting this gibberish was productive? View all replies >