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Oh, I see. The very thought of Creepshow 3 and how awful it is probably made me more hostile than I needed to be. Your comment is about twenty years ahead of the times. She did look good. That certainly helped her situation. How long was she in that movie? That should be shared daily on all social media. Look, the democrats know how to do business. They've cultivated a "We Care About You" image that all the stacked dead bodies in the middle east can't tarnish. They're neo-cons and they have their followers believing they're socialists. Houdini couldn't execute an illusion like that if he tried! If he does, I bet he'll find a way to make a tv series out of it. Just because a movie is "no-budget," it doesn't mean it's trash (though Creepshow 3 is absolute garbage). Good idea. Let the morons duke it out in the cornfield and let the working folks finally have some peace. I really hate the modern era. I mean, how did we "educate" people to ask questions like this? View all replies >