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4.99 Race-skism is BIG MONEY now. That's why the lies continue. I think you meant Fahrenheit 451. One way I judge cultural impact is the desperation with which blue cultists attempt to prove something "irrelevant" in hopes that it will 'just go away.' Yup. Shows the lunacy of the collective approach--"Well, his skin was dark, so reality doesn't matter." Every attempt to use language to put him down in this article is lurid. Bjork (s.p.?) OJ's lawyer talked in rhyme. That was so hip. He earned the verdict in that moment. Kowalksi, can't you admit there's a problem here? You love movies, don't you? Do you really believe any male in this day and age is intentionally behaving badly at any work site in any business anywhere??? My understanding was that degenerate behavior was frowned upon but ultimately forgiven ("hate the sin, not the sinner"). And I felt for many decades there was a balance between the messaging from government, education, and entertainment. For every film noir depicting the underbelly of society, we had at least one heroic movie promoting more honorable behavior. Through many years of programming (beginning in the universities), the degenerate lifestyle seems to have become mainstream while a more self-disciplined, honorable lifestyle is mocked. I don't know how that can be reversed. The degenerate lifestyle is much easier, appeals to laziness and a lack of discipline. People are easily seduced by shrugging off the challenges required to live a 'decent' life (not understanding, as you pointed out, that it's ultimately a healthier, happier lifestyle). View all replies >