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I was about an hour into the movie before I realized the irony of Sean Connery playing a reluctant spy, and people asking him if he is a spy and him answering "no" Agreed As much as Neeson did a good job for the role. A sequel should have had Bruce Campbell play Darkman. He even camos as Darkman's last disguise Might be too on the nose for a movie called dark man. Ya, Also the badge throw seems to be a common trope Edit: Never showing his face would probably be too cliche. I think making it more Halloween themed would have actually made it less iconic. It would have just blended in with all of the many Halloween themed costumes, masks, and decorations that are out there. Also, I don't have a problem with it noticeably being Shatner's face. It just brings the movie more into the real world where William Shatner exists. Perhaps not super redundant in cinema history, but another line from this movie was seemingly copied. John Wayne says <blockquote>I'll catch up with ya. I don't know when, but I'll catch up. Every time you turn around, expect to see me, 'cause one time you'll turn around and I'll be there.</blockquote> And in Bend of the River (1952), Jimmy Stewart says <blockquote>You'll be seeing me. You'll be seeing me. Everytime you bed down for the night, you'll look back to the darkness and wonder if I'm there. And some night, I will be. You'll be seeing me!</blockquote> View all replies >