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The Chris brown history and what you may not know... Never answered questions (spoilers) Hasn't really been sexy since 2010... Total whitewashing Grown woman-child boo hoo!! Rather have him as the POTUS An LGBT show with an obvious agenda: Corrupt the youth Lindsay Lohan's looks Did anyone hear about what happened with Charice? View all posts >


Margaret knew who he was. ''You wouldn't like what I see'' line said it all when reading his palm. Her interaction with him seemed one of annoyance and slight resentment, like someone meeting a cheating boyfriend years later. Her fathers interaction with him was almost one of mockery - as he was telling him the story about what happened in NYC he was practically ready to burst out laughing (or did) because he knew he was telling it to a man who committed the act but didn't remember. Also the people in the store seemed to smirk and look at each other after he asked what was the name of evangeline's lover and they said ''she never told''. There was an undertone of ''it was you buddy''. The way of the media covered the story back then was odd. At first it was ''serious'' but after a few months or so its severity was toned down. Blame even shifted to Rihanna ever so slightly. And by 2010 the whole thing was just considered a ''mistake'' Chris made before ''he became a man''. Then it got swept under the rug. Then in 2017 another Chris's longtime girlfriend seeks a restraining order against him and people got ''thinking again'' about this Chris Brown guy being a piece of garbage. Depends on which half of the Millennial generation. I'm a core age Millennial and to me the culture portrayed in the film seems more in line with elder Millennial's who were born in the early to mid 1980's or even late gen x (born in the late 70's). Despite the film being set in 2012/2013 the drinking and sex culture in the opening scene seems very 2002. When I was 12 and we'd take a family beach vacation we'd see the ''spring breakers'' out on the beach acting like animals on a certain section of the beach. I saw the arrests, the topless girls etc. This wasn't really my half of the Millennial generation. We were a bit more reserved. A lot of us were hipsters and not really into the culture in the film. The original film featured racism as well as the black female character got called a nigger right to her face. During the cover girl ''eye lights mascara'' commercials in 2008. All I see is a moron. He broke his arm and shoulder multiple times in the last couple of years falling down and still refuses to use a cane? My Dad is 67, has Parkinson's and always walks with a cane or walker. Fox is an idiot. He's walking like that and it's ''sad'' because he can't retain balance. I used to watch Sabrina re-runs sometime in 2003 when I got home from school. In all honesty seeing her body type and looks on T.V was pretty shocking. Most female leads back then in teen shows had to be not only ''gorgeous'' but super fit. Melissa was barely even close to pretty and had a very un-hollywood body type with wide chunky hips and chubby arms. She looked more like someone who worked at Burger King than a star of a tv show. And yes her acting was.. bland. While was wasn't extremely fat or particularly ugly she just didn't look like someone meant for Hollywood. Her having a career is odd. She was not talented either. Oh I agree. The film was such a deviation and had none of the actors from the first two apart from a cameo. This is a stand alone story period. Why didn't they just call the film ''drifting''? or ''Tokyo drift''? Dropped the fast and furious and ''3'' title. We could have had Tokyo drift sequels.. Probably around 2-4 million. Which was a lot in those times. It would be about 160 million in today's times. Imagine the smell Macron is whiffing in from the senile incontinent one. View all replies >