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I would have liked the movie better if... Theory on the film The Sophia death timeline never really added up About the machine Closeted Lesbian? Does anyone think Michael J Fox would have been ideal for this role? Gorgeous women are not relatable Does anyone know any good Michael J Fox jokes? A time for change Ready to be... View all posts >


She manifested it spiritually. Second half of season 3. Was very cheesy at that point. The later seasons were so bad it was a disgrace. Season 1 (though short) was gold. He was older than 16. He did more than what's been reported. He should have been n jail for 17 years. He's a criminal. His twitter reads like a 14 year old on a rant. No it's not. The ''fubar movies'' are much closer to the lifestyle and accent. Letterkenny is a rural fantasy. It also glosses over the amount of drug use that goes on in small Canadian and Ontario towns. The film is dated. It's cheesy in many ways. But the female working class narrative is more applicable now than in the 1980's. Plenty of women take two jobs in order to pay their way through school. Many work in construction and yes, work as strippers or instagram models for the extra money as cost of living and rent is explosive these days. Alex was actually a prototype for the future woman that was going to emerge later on. Working class, ambitious and willing to work multiple jobs to get there. But you can't say ''about'', can you? pass the prune juice I saw him on tv and he looked like a man who's in his 80's As good as a mouses against a cat View all replies >