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I am not a fan of mob films at all. When I started watching it, I had hoped it was about the police when Tom Hanks comes home and takes off his gun. But it's a mob film. It's beautifully produced, looks great and I started to enjoy it more in the second half and the cast is very good. I gave it 71/100. Interesting link you got there. Russian? I"m not sure. As long as it portrays black people as victims, heroic and courageous and dignified and brilliant. And white people are racist genocidal maniacs. It looks like the NFL is back. And better than ever. And Black Lives Matter, dammit. You mean there were no black doctors in America at that time? All valid points. I vote to have it banned and all copies confiscated for subsequent incineration. Put Kamala Harris in charge. He is not a murderer but we should treat him as if he is? I like his films and I don't really care about his personal or religious beliefs. Unless he converts to Islam. Two of the finest franchises in sports history. Thanks for the warning! I haven't seen the whole film but I am sure a black cast would have made it much better. Black actors are superior to white actors. View all replies >