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No. There are more white poor people than anyone else. But black people still commit violent crimes several times more frequently. The only thing I agree with is that black people commit a massively disproportionate number of violent crimes. I merely stated facts. The solution is well beyond what America is willing to do. And far far beyond what the black community is willing to admit and take responsibility for, since they blame every single thing on white people. Those are just a few in the past few months. The sheer volume of crimes by black people is astronomical. I'm not even counting the number of times they go into the local Walgreens and take whatever they want and just walkout without paying. How many Walgreens have had to shut down? Mostly in these poor black neighborhoods? And who does that hurt? And yet you will never address it. Because it's racist to admit black people do anything wrong. Again, that's black privilege. That's the kind of logic that will keep black people committing violent crimes for a long long time. When you let someone get away with something, not only does that person pay attention to it and will likely do something like it again, but others do, too. Have you noticed all the violent crimes in the past several years? The random ones? The majority of them are committed by black people. The black guy who walked up to an elderly Asian woman and beat her in the back of her head with a bat. Random. The black guy who walked into a store and knifed a woman to death. Random. The black guy who murdered another woman at her place of work. Random. The black guy who followed an Asian woman to her home and knifed her to death. Random. The black guy who threw a woman onto the track to be killed by a train. Random. The black guy who beat a nurse to death. Random. Not once did Al Sharpton call for a national discussion. I doubt he mentioned any of them at all. See? There is a very serious black problem in America. And because America gives them so much latitude, it will only get worse. And who pays the most? The poor black neighborhoods, who now have to do with less police protection. Started with Ferguson. But that insanity was mere prelude to George Floyd. St. George Floyd. I am obsessed with justice. He didn't get it because he is black. Period. Black privilege is very real today. And dangerous. And it's gonna get a whole lot worse, too. He didn't accidentally punch him. He did it on purpose. He is therefore fully responsible for whatever happens, including death. But his black privilege is so powerful that he will never have to go to prison. Even when he does it again. And he will do it again. Why not? Look how easy he got off this time. You mean it's appropriate to kill someone if they use a racial slur? Yeah, a young black man punched an elderly white man and he ended up dying because of it. If I did that to an elderly black man I would be seeing about ten years in prison. He won't see any. black privilege. It's the truth. Black people denigrate white people all the time, on tv and in films and any public place, in schools, everywhere, and they largely get away with it. A black man can punch and kill a white man and see no prison time, even with plenty of eyewitnesses. That's the truth in America 2022. Black people can burn buildings to the ground, assault and kill people and it's called 'mostly peaceful'. You want equality? Real equality? First thing you should be against is affirmative action. It is not by accident America's academic standing in the world has decreased since its implementation. View all replies >