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I still haven't seen all his films, quite a few left to go, but I already consider him one of the best actors of all time. My top three so far: 1. Hopscotch 2. The Bad News Bears 3. The Odd Couple With no weapons? Lol Seattle is still part of the United States. Right? LOL Your hypocrisy is tiresome. It's ok for liberals to riot and loot for months on end but not anyone else. At least conservatives are consistent in being critical of ALL violence. LOL Easily Jeanie. She was in a whole other league than the others in every way. Foster also gave the best performance. The other young actors were not that good. The only other performances worth mentioning are Sally Kellerman, who was very good as Jeanie's mother, and Randy Quaid. The first half of the movie was interesting enough to make me want to see more. In fact I was wondering at that point why I had never heard of this film before. I thought it was that good. But the second half misses the mark almost every scene, leading up to a predictable death. 5/10 Liberals rioted and looted throughout most of the past year. They attacked The White House. They burned a police station to the ground. They took over part of Seattle, which also included taking over a police station. Is that NOT insurrection? LOL Literally trying to start their own country with its own rules? You will notice the Dems had NO PROBLEMS with any of these. They put HUNDREDS of cops in the hospital during all this. They called to defund the police and as a result murders and violent crimes have gone up and up. All predictable. These are the ideas and actions of LIBERALS. No one else is that stupid. Only liberals are dumb enough to think getting rid of the police would make crime go down. LOL I remember a guy about that age, a car salesman, who did marry a 16 year old girl and she was a lot like the girl in this film. They lasted about a year. Here is it since you seem to have so much trouble understanding. Liberals rioted and did billions in damage and you didn't care. Conservatives resoundingly condemned it. As we all should. On ONE day, 1/6/21, there was rioting in Washington. Conservatives resoundingly condemned it. Finally liberals condemned rioting. ONE TIME. And only because they wanted to use it politically. Those are the facts, simply stated. Liberals. Did you sleepwalk through all the riots last year? Or all except one? LOL Liberals. If not for the security and the fencing, they would have tried to remove Trump. He is the executive branch. Heard of that? Since you seem to be having so much trouble, here is the bottom line. Republicans were heavily critical of Antifa and BLM and 1/6 and all rioting. All of it is wrong to them. Dems ignored all the rioting except for 1/6. And how is a group of people, without any weapons, going to take over the government? LOL This is why liberals are not serious. I did answer it. LIBERALS attacked the White House and if not for the security they would have infiltrated it. My question is how did you miss that? LOL View all replies >