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This looks and sounds shit Who's Allen? The Candidate - UFO's? How crap was this??? Superedit all of the Trilogy into one megamovie? No reviews yet? "ATTENTION: Do NOT Post Political Discussions Here" - Why not? Vastly increased the spying mandate of the NSA (and thus the CIA/FBI) Can I see you in the kitchen? Great film, sad though...and that nazi kid??? View all posts >


Ah, thanks. It was driving me crazy. Great acting, btw. What a moral, likeable man. Oh I'm an amateur and not a loyal fan, unlike my GF who knows every detail in the books and films. I simply used Movavi to edit out certain scenes and fade/blur. Simplistic really when compared to some guys that pay for professional programs. Still not a bad job, but my GF won't watch my result because she would agree with you, that I've left out too much nuance and relevance. She would probably say I've butchered the trilogy, as I probably have with other films (Bourne etc) Doing any male characters? Scary... I think he knows Sheffield is in the North, he stated that he's from there, elsewhere. Duh. Talentless fading cow wants to drum up desperate business for her new album? Here... I agree, it jumps about too much. Lol, shouldn't have thought so! View all replies >