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You really haven't seen a lot of zombie movies if you think Night of the Creeps is bad. Maybe it's not your taste. That is fine. But it's pretty good. it's a future classic for sure Interesting, Monster on the Campus seems like a movie I really wouldn't go looking for. This is good to know. Boo! Dude, we did an entire podcast on it: I do feel like the filmmakers were sort of bound by the first one, they didn't want to go too out of the box and make people mad. It's not really a top ten film at all, but I remember enjoying Bicentennial Man, as weird as it is. Oh, One cut of the Dead and Gwen, I will check those out. I was trying to get into Shudder, I was going to watch The Burning, but it was the one film they had that wasn't working. I was gonna review that in the future, so that kind of bummed me out. I will try to keep your films in mind though. Thank you. Don't you think he was getting old anyway, haha a I remember there was this reality show called Scream Queens, and my favorite contestant was really into horror movies and they rejected her because of it, and it was one of those things that pissed me off. View all replies >