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Indominous? You may as well type Enormous Rex! Ha ha ha HA! It is Tyrannosaurus Rex. <b>CAN YOU STOP IT?!!! Asshole, cretin, moron! No! Or lovely murderer? Gorgeous murderer? Laughable murderer? Amicable murderer? Affable murderer? Matronly murderer? Why Amtrak? Not unless the destroyer is replaced by a cruiser. If the sequel indeed is about a destroyer, maybe the title will be Peter Pan. The predator is not "honorable." Why should it be? After all, it is an alien. Just like another culture does not have the same mores my culture has. To me that is the only sense in laughing. "It ends here, my way, and I am taking you out as well." [Edited to add] Laughing is not warning. How can it be? His way of saying, "I lost, but I am still winning by killing you." Just like Japan's Kamikazes in WW II. "We may lose but we will still take you to hell." BUMP!!!! 8-) Tell that to Barrabas, and the hundreds of thousands of Roman slaves, a huge amount of them rebelled. Let us know. Was he black, right? BLM is just a group of bullies, with the behavior they complain about from some Whites. View all replies >