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If it does it'll be a heck of a lot worse than what was depicted in this movie\book. Yeah, you're unstable. He never said he wants every woman to be like that. He simply stated that he wants A woman like that. Going off on a rant like that just made you look very unstable. After 40 years of searching I finally found this show. It's called "Read All About It". It was a Canadian production that ran for two seasons beginning in 1979. The entire series is available on youtube if anyone is interested. I'm about halfway through season one, it's really dark and eerie, and it has some pretty heavy themes for a children show. Yes, it was on HBO late at night. Back in the more sane days HBO would only play rated R movies at night. They actually cared about kids not being able to see things that were inappropriate for young children. These days none of the channels care, but back then morality and good standards were still in effect. Oh how we've progressed as a society... Seriously. I can't fathom how much the millennials have messed up everything. They truly are the most pathetic generation ever. There were basically two sequels: Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2. No, you're not sexist, but the chances of finding a woman who wants that in this time period is slim. I do however wish you luck 😊 Hi. It's good to know that there is life out here. I got to watch it yesterday too. Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch any of the Honeymooners marathon that aired after it, but it was still a good day regardless. View all replies >