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You're a funny one. It's a shame because the ape makeup looked great. This movie does have its merits, but the script sucks. She was cute too, but I preferred Lisa Wilcox in the Dream Child- even if the movie was a, um, a nightmare 😁 Ah, don't apologize to me. I'm not the one who said the a 20 year old who looked like a 13 year old was babacious 😉 ...and what the hell does babacious mean anyway? Did he mean bablicious? Or is babacious some kind of hip slang word than my 40+ year old self isn't aware of? 13? Sorry to break it to you but she was 20 when she made this movie. I agree. It was amazing for the 40 years that it lasted. I walked out of The Force Awakens, and I paid money to see that shit. If I were in a free screening and it was worse than TFA there's no way in hell I would stay. The Thrawn Trilogy is what disney should have made. Instead they gave us a shit sandwich and said here eat it up, and come back for seconds, and THIRDS! Yeah, I know. I was wondering how she looked in that movie. Like I said before, I'm not a Stern fan so I don't want to sit through that movie in order to see her. I'm not sure as I just found it last week. View all replies >