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1st & Ten was on HBO in the early 1980s and it was a non-stop boob fest. Having said that, back in those days HBO only showed R rated movies at night. Nicely put. The violence in this movie was also fairly close to cartoon violence, even the smallest child could easily see and understand that the monsters were stop motion. 1.) When season 2 rolled around most of the original cast was dropped. Dorsey was most likely a casualty of the show moving in a different direction. They should have at least said that he was either traded or retired. 2.) The Italian Mob played an important role during season one. However, they were portrayed as being straight up caricatures of actual mobsters. I think that the show (even though it was always funny and meant to be goofy) dropped them because they were TOO goofy. It's a shame because if that aspect of the show had been taken more seriously it could have been a good addition to the series. I'll have to watch the series again to in order answer questions 3 and 4. The actress who played Earlene is actually still alive. I'm going to agree with maximum on this one. Moder films have almost no story lines, little depth, and are all about the special effects. Tastes in film did not become more sophisticated. In this day and age, men need to squash any and all rumors before they get out of hand. This franchise should have ended with the second one. When you are the ultimate Alpha in a sea of wannabe Alpha's there's no need to cast yourself as anything else. I'm going to call B.S. on this one. F' this guy, and F' his brain damaged supporters too. View all replies >