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A bit slow... Makes the rest of NY look bad. Pretty terrible but... A way to make them all fit together... What this movie got right... More content (DVD and VHS) then any streaming service Watching for the first time since it came out. Ugh... Lethal Zombies? 2023 and still going View all posts >


That's coming. Students from Columbia University are probably working on it as we speak. RTM is run by corporate shills. It is meaningless now. That's modern Disney story telling 101. No. They kissed in Star Wars and made out in Empire. If you've seen the movies you know. George is a weird guy... I give you credit. This is how I view Star Wars Star Wars Episode IV Empire Strikes Back That's it! Jedi is not connected to the first two due to the HUGE retconning of Leia being Luke's sister. I guess George (ood ball that he is) is REALLY into incest... In another universe I look at Jedi as a tie-in to the original Bantam Spectra extended universe novels. Some of them were really good. So, I'll give Jedi that. It gave us some good novels that (also) eventually turned into $h!t. Nah, he's just an out of touch hollyweird person. It was supposed to have the same resonance as Odysseus returning and seeing Argos after ten years but whereas to read that is heartbreaking, the bad acting. bad dialog, and bad story in this pile of steaming $h!t makes Shimi's death cringe worthy. It was dumb that he left her in the first place. No ten-year-old kid would leave his mom as a slave to go flying spaceships across the universe! Qui Gon couldn't get her set free?! Princess Amidala (with her millions and millions of space bucks) couldn't get her set free?! Then (and this really burns my a$$) when he (Anakin)learns how to fly said space ships and grows up flying said space ships- IT TAKES HIM TEN YEARS TO GO BACK TO GET HER?! $h!tty writing is $h!tty writing! I still can't understand how ANYONE, at his point can defend anything about these $h!tty movies. I teach elementary school. Do you have any idea of just how deep the attachment that ALL ten-year-olds have to their mom is?! Obviously, a schmuck like George Lucas has no concept of that attachment! During the making of the original Star Wars film and The Empire Strikes Back, George had both Gary Kurtz and his first wife Marsha to control him and reign in his stupidity. They were both gone by the time Jedi was made, and it shows. George never did anything worth a damn ever again. Yeah, his crap made money, but none of it was any good! This post needs an award for the most brilliant post in the short but illustrious history of Movie chat! Sorry my wallet and just about every person who was around me at the time (in the corporate world, the music world and the education world) beg to differ with white house propaganda, but if it helps you sleep at night more power to you... Thank you but most people tell me that I am a f'n idiot. I don't consider myself a Democrat or a Republican at this point. I just see the world (and the people in it) for what they are. View all replies >