A bit slow...

I'm watching this right now. I had seen bits and pieces of it over the years, but I've never seen the entire thing in one sitting.

It starts off with Jason killing people in a hospital... Well, I saw that before in Halloween 2 and it was done MUCH better in that film.

There's a chubby girl hitchhiker that gets killed in the beginning of the film. The protagonists (if you can call the unlikeable teens in this film that) don't pick her up, drive by and make fun of her and then Jason comes and kills her. Okay, so not only is the girl overweight, and unwanted (for the sole reason that she isn't a vapid looking playboy model) she's also killed off meaninglessly. Then we barely see Jason until the very ending of the film.

I did like Corey Feldman in this. When he was a kid, he had real acting chops... as an adult- he didn't, but I felt that so much more could have been done with him. He's just kind of a background character until the end. I mean, he's there, but he doesn't really do anything. The rest of the film (which really should have been centered around him and Jason) revolves around teen sex. It's a shame, as the idea of Jason having a nemesis that he can't kill despite trying and trying is a really great idea. This film and the one that came after it are (to me) a missed opportunity for greatness.


Thank god this was the final chapter and they finished this crap back in '84!


I'm making my way through Elm Street, F13th, Halloween and Hellraiser to see what the fuss is about.

F13 number 1 was one of the most boring films I've ever watched. Literally nothing happens in the first half of the film and not much happens in the second half. The only reason I can think they were popular is because it was before the internets, and each film has b00bs in it. I also had a difficult time making it through Halloween number 3


Halloween 3 isn't really a Halloween movie. It's a part of the franchise in name only. Although, I do like the atmosphere of the film. Halloween 4 is a legit good slasher film. Halloween 5 and 6 have good ideas, but the execution is flawed (5 was rushed into production too quickly). I never bothered with any of the other Halloween movies that came out in the early 2000s to the present. However, I unfortunately saw the first Rob Zombie Halloween... What a mess that $h!t was!

The Friday the 13th movies ARE overrated. I honestly think that they hit at just the right time, and as you said, they had lots of b00bs in them. There was no internet back then, and actual porn was kind of (at least to my knowledge) hard to come by (pun not intended). Also, the image of Jason in a hockey mask was (for the time) really creepy. So, just the visage of him was enough to attract horror film fans.

The Nightmare on Elm Street films... I liked the 3rd one. 4 and 5 were kind of okay simply because Lisa Wilcox was strikingly beautiful (in a girl next door kind of way-they actually REALLY downplayed her looks in the two films that she was in) and was a likeable character. The series suffers from the same problem that the later Halloween movies suffer from. Namely poor execution.