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Watching for the first time since it came out.

This is the first time I have watched this since it came out back in 1999. I hated it so much that I never wanted to see it again. Today I bought the entire prequel trilogy on DVD from a local thrift shop. I am watching it in 20-minute intervals in order to see if I can make it through the entire prequel trilogy. So far, I have watched up to the journey though the core of Naboo.

Right off the bat it starts out having to do with trade disputes. So, right away the opening scrawl is not very interesting.

The first sentence uttered was "I have a bad feeling about this." The fanwank is strong with this one.

Ewan Macgregor actually sounds like Obi Wan. So that is a plus. However, his ponytail is goofy looking. What is up with that? Who thought that that would be a good look?

Qui Gon is boring. He's flat and unemotional.

The security droids sound like Cylons from the original Battle Star Galactica, but they don't look as cool as them or as cool as Storm Troopers did. Their design is really bland. With all of those top-notch designers were working for George that was the best they could come up with?...

Amidala is annoying looking with her goofy makeup, weird accent, wooden dialog and flat acting. The people that are having a meeting with her are equally flat. It's as if no one has any emotion at all and everyone in this universe is on valium. The Space Balls would be proud.

Jar Jar still sucks. I feel really bad for the person who portrayed him. He must have been thrilled that he was going to be in a Star Wars film. I don't blame him, I blame George for shitty dialog and making Jar Jar childish and so annoying that he wound up being an unlikeable character. Still, at least he had a personality- even if it was a bad one.

The underwater city looks and operates like the underwater city from "The Abyss". James Cameron is either very honored or secretly pissed. I'm guessing it's the former. George Lucas was a hero of his. Just watch Xeno-Genesis for proof.

The Gungan leader was goofy and didn't seem threatening in the slightest, but at least he wasn't wooden like all of the real actors are.

The journey through the core wasn't that exciting. It was A LOT shorter than I remembered it being.

All of the CGI characters had more personality than the real people who starred in this film.

Well, that's the first 20 minutes. So, far (to me) it's pretty bad. I'll check back in after I watch the next 20 minutes. Maybe (hopefully) it'll get better.


So, now Amidala's palace has been taken over by trade federation droids. Obi-Wan and Qui Gon rescue everyone. Despite being outnumbered by armed droids, no one dies- not one person!

Amidala, Qui Gon and the rest of the freed people climb aboard a star cruiser and take off. From the palaces, to the under the sea kingdoms, to the star cruisers, to the enemy droids, why is everything in this universe so clean looking? Everything looks like it's just been polished up and rolled off of the assembly line. Why doesn't anything look used?

Thanks to Artoo Detoo and bunch of R2 lookalikes that were blasted apart and thus, didn't make it, Amidala, Qui Gon, Obi Wan and a bunch of Amidala lookalikes blast though the blockade that is surrounding Naboo. R2 is congratulated very woodenly by Amidala. I can't fathom why George went this route with the Queen. She is beyond annoying in her woodenness. She's pretty detestable to be honest. I wouldn't be able to take any kind of instructions from her before falling asleep out of sheer boredom.

Amidala's handmaiden (yeah right!) Qui Gon, Obi Wan and Artoo Detoo (he's a part of the gang now) land on Tatooine and meet Anakin, and some flying bug dude who has a resistance to the force. Anakin meets Amidala's handmaiden and asks her if she is an angel. Then when she asks him if he is a slave he gets mad and tells her that he is a person with feelings named Anakin. The aforementioned and preceding dialog between the two of them is cringe worthy. Also, knowing that these two are going to embark on a romance is just plain odd and creepy. What is up with George and these weird relationship fetishes? Luke and Leia being brother and sister (F'n gross!) and now an 18 year old and a 10 year old?! It's equally gross. What was he thinking? What were the people around him thinking by not calling him out for his weirdness.

I feel bad for Jake Lloyd. He didn't deserve and of the crap that "fans' gave him! He did exactly what George wanted him to do. And seriously, what kid, during that time would have turned down a role in a Star Wars film?! I dreamt about being in a Star Wars film for almost my entire childhood. Don't blame jake, blame George for his crappy dialog and crappy direction.

Jar Jar is beyond terrible. He walks around the village farmers market and steals food and then because of his theft he gets into fights with locals. Yet, for some odd reason, the people who get mad at him for stealing are portrayed as being bad guys. This is perplexing. Why is stealing by a goofy annoying character okay? Why does being an annoying comedy sidekick suddenly make stealing okay?

A storm is coming, and Anakin brings Amidala, Qui Gon and Obi-Wan back to his mother's house for protection. There we meet C-3PO. Anakin is building him. Okay this is getting ridiculous. Anakin is a slave but has access to (most likely) very expensive protocol droid parts and winds up building one of the most reliable protocol droids in the entire universe. Not only that but that protocol droid winds up (along with R2) in the possession of his son some 20 years later.

Why is everything so slow? Why does everyone walk around SO SLOWLY? In the palace everyone walks with the same stride at the same rate. No one walks faster than anyone else. The same thing happens on Tatooine. The cities on Tatooine are supposed to be fast moving space ports/towns, yet everyone walks around like its leisure time. Go to New York sometime if you want to see the pace that an actual city moves at. Heck, out here where I live (Suffolk County on Long Island) there is a faster pace than both Naboo and Tatooine combined. Everyone in this entire universe (so far) walks with exactly the same cadence- across multiple star systems!

Again, the CGI creatures have more emotion and are more emotionally believable than the real people- this is odd. Why are all of the real people so wooden?!

This feels like a grade K-2 version of Star Wars. It's odd to me that the same guy that made this made the original Star Wars and then The Empire Strikes Back.

It's not odd to me that it's the same guy who made Return of the Jedi...


Not sure why you're subjecting yourself to such gruesome torture. This is more heinous than performing cunnilingus on Cameron Diaz, at this point in her existence


"I feel bad for Jake Lloyd". Me too.
" Jar Jar is beyond terrible" Very true.


I enjoyed your analysis. You should review all the prequel films. As for me, I approached The Phantom Meance like it was a movie for kids (which it is in parts with the kid Anakin and Jar Jar Binks) and enjoyed it as that.


It is a movie for kids. I am fully aware of that. It's funny because i remember when my father first heard that a new Star Wars movie was coming out the first thing that he said to me was "I hope he doesn't make it for kids." He should make it a movie that kids will like, but adults will like too." It was as if my father could see the future. LOL.

There is some good stuff going on in the midst of all of the garbage. I should work harder to point that type of stuff out. It's just that I haven't seen them since they first came out and all of these years later I am reliving the disappointment again.

I am going to review all of them, but I am only going to watch them in 20-minute intervals. That's about all I can take.


ha ha ha...I have a post about Star Wars in general to make sometime. I've watched Ep 1 again recently. I agree...the first paragraph of the opening scrawl mentions taxation and trade disputes. like you say...not too captivating. it makes more sense to watch Ep 1 as part of a bigger story, not neces as a stand alone film in its own right


Funny post and spot on.

Star Wars ended in 1981.


Yes, it did.

Return of the Jedi was almost as bad as the prequel trilogy. There are only two things that made it better. The first was that it had a great cast. The second was that it was just about all practical special effects. Practical effects trounce GCI every time.

I adhere to the belief that ROTJ is a sequel in spirt only to the original Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. Yeah, some of the stuff that happened in Star Wars and Empire happened in the ROTJ timeline, but not all of it, and ROTJ is not in the Star Wars or Empire timeline at all. That's just me though.


Certainly not. The last 30- 40 minutes of the ROTJ belong to the best of the franchise.


I saw the Death Star Blow up in the first movie. I didn't need to see it blow up for a second time.

The space battle scenes were awesome though. I do enjoy watching that part of the film, but (to me) having to blow up a second Death Star was dumb. I thought that it showed a real lack of creativity on George's part. And yes, I know that (originally) the destruction of the Death Star was not supposed to happen in the first film. Still, I wish George would have thought of something else for the final Battle in ROTJ.

Luke surrendering himself to Vader and The Emperor was (for me) anti-climactic. I had it built up in my 8-year-old head that Luke was going to be kicking @$$ and taking names on his way to end both of them.

However, Luke refusing to fight his father because he loved him and then Vader reading his thoughts about his sister and threatening to turn her to the dark side instead was great. Unfortunately, his sister should not have been Leia! Incest is gross and creepy. 🤢 BARF!

The Ewoks... are you really calling THAT the best of the franchise? Seriously, teddy bears beat the Galactic Empire and then Han and company simply walked into the shield generator and blew it up. I wish they would have stuck with the original idea of having Wookie's beat the Empire. At least that would have been believable.


Not necessarily the Ewoks, but Luke fighting against Darth Vader and the Emperor as well as the space battles....for sure.


The Ewoks really kill it. Still, the space battle was really something else. I don't think it has ever been duplicated or topped in any way.

A few years ago, there was a poster on youtube who removed both the Luke vs Vader fight and the Battle on Endor and just posted the space battle. Without all of the other stuff it was only around 12 minutes. It was actually really cool to just watch it in its entirety.

What was missing from ROTJ was the battle for Coruscant. I would have loved to have seen a huge ground battle on that planet. Although, Coruscant wasn't really a thing in the original trilogy. The name didn't pick up momentum until the original Bantam Spectra novels were released.


just because the sequal trilogy is bad it does not make the prequals good. aside from ROTS which i think is a very good movie


I never said the prequels were good. No one else who has posted here has said the prequels were good. The purpose of this thread is for me to review the prequel trilogy, after only seeing it once, when each of the original films came out (that was over 20 years ago). So, I have no idea why you brought up the sequel trilogy.


you clearly an idiot for buying movies you hate


I buy movies I hate all the time. Whats wrong with that?


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Yes and the person I was responding to has an IQ of just below room temperature


I got them all for 6 dollars. I have only seen them once. I wanted to see if my opinion on them had changed over the past 20 years. That is not being an idiot. That is being open minded to the fact that perhaps, after 20 years, I would enjoy them this time around.

I am not enjoying this first film all that much. However, I am having fun pointing out what I do and do not like about the film and discussing it on here. I also have to watch this film in order to get to the next fim in the series. Perhaps i will enjoy one of the others ones more than this.

How about instead of insulting people, you start talking and let me (and the other people in this thread) know what you like or dislike about the film.

It's okay to disagree about the quality of a film. This board is here for discussion. So, perhaps you could point out some things that I overlooked.

Also, when I finish watching them, I plan on selling them on Ebay. I can make over double what I paid for them- so obviously I am an idiot. 🙄


the fact that you admit you were an adult when this movie came out and the fact that you think you need to buy movies just to see them further confirm to me that you are a boomer who beraly know how to use a computer and that you dont know how to download torrents which makes you pathetic. the fact that you thought of buying a movie that you previosly dident liked just to confirm to yourself that you dont like it 20 years later tells me you a technophobe idiotic boomer.



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So, now Anakin's mother is akin to the virgin Mary?! Ugh. You know, if she had just said that his father had died or that his father was murdered and as a result, the two of them were thrust into slavery, it would have made so much more sense as to why Anakin turned out the way that he did. Not only did he never know his father, but eventually he lost his mother too. It would make more sense as to why he ended up so broken.

So, now the Force can be detected by a simple blood test?! That was dumb when I first saw it and that concept is still dumb today. It really takes away from the concept “The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.” Instead of that mystical approach, now it just comes down to a simple blood test.

Anakin is fixing his pod racer, and he claims to be a great pod racer, but has never completed a race?!

Jar Jar is being annoying and gets electrocuted and then his mouth goes numb. Then his tongue hangs out of his mouth from temporary paralysis.

It's as if George made this entire film as goofy as possible. Does George have this crappy of a sense of humor? Was he surrounded by so many yes men and yes women that they laughed at everything that he said? Did no one else aside from George go over this script? Even the best script writers have editors. Did everyone tell George that he was so great that he didn't need an editor? It seems so.

Onward to the pod race. We have a goofy looking announcer with two heads that no joke looks like it could have been a character in that old Herculoids cartoon. It's just completely dumb looking. I am amazed that George didn't have it talk like Howard Cossell. Actually, I may have enjoyed that.

The pod racers themselves are an assortment of creatures some are familiar while some (the guy with the goofy @$$ long neck) look like they too could be in the aforementioned cartoon.

The race is okay, but it is so dated looking that I have a hard time enjoying it. It really looks like a bad video game from the early 2000s. I know that George wanted to make this like Ben Hurr, but Ben Hur looks better than this, and Ben-Hur was made in 1959. I am going to go so far as to say that the original Ben-Hur from 1925 looks better than this does. George REALLY got carried away with the CGI. I can understand that. It was a new tool that he helped develop. He was really ahead of everyone else with his special effects company. Unfortunately, it looks fake. CGI just wasn’t there yet. It still isn’t in some regards. It shouldn’t (even now) be the only tool used to make special effects.

Anakin wins and now he’s going to be leaving the planet and going with Qui Gon and his merry little band of wooden actors and jar jar (who has a personality) and R2 (who also has a personality) but he’s leaving his mom behind…

Okay, so this REALLY REALLY REALLY pisses me off. Who the F’ would leave their mom behind as a slave?! Who?! What person who ever existed would do that?! Seriously?! It’s your F’n mom! I wouldn’t leave-Period. And Qui Gon, and Amidala- oh wait sorry, Amidala’s handmaiden actually go along with this $h!t too? For real? Really?! Seriously?! WTF?!

If George didn’t want to bring his mom along why not just have her die? Why not just leave her out altogether. I am sorry, but I have never met a kid who at ten years old would leave their mom!

I’ve had enough for the night. I need a drink and I don’t even drink!


So now Anakin is brought before the counsel in order to determine if he can be trained as a Jedi. And again, we get this goofy @$$ Metaclorian count B.S. and about how he may be one who will bring balance to the force. Not only that, but the counsel tests his force powers using the same test that Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters used to test for E.S.P.!

Here's Pete delivering the test

Here's Mace delivering the same test, only this time it's done with a computer and not flash cards.

YoYo (being a complete D!ck if I may say so myself) criticizes a 10 year old kid because the child is scared about what may become of his mother. How is concern for the safety and well being of someone else a bad thing? Someone answer this for me? Aren't Jedi's supposed to be kind and compassionate? Isn't that what they claim to be? Well, there's no evidence of that is here. All we get is a dumb saying from YoYo that goes something like this "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering." This is what a wise enlightened Jedi tells a 10 year old because the child is worried about his mom?! YoYo does not have the social skill enough to teach elementary school, but in this universe he's a Jedi master?!

YoYo looks dumb. He looked like a real entity in Empire and ROTJ. In this film he looks like cr@p. Seriously, why did Yoda look better 20 years ago than YoYo does in this billion dollar film?

Fanwank alert! Yoda senses much anger in Anakin and that he is too old to begin the training. Qui Gon say's that he will train him. Where did this Qui Gon guy come from? If he was so important why didn’t Obi Wan or Yoda ever tell Luke about him?

Padme is looking at a holographic projection of a guy talking about how millions are dying. Where is that happening? Why aren’t we seeing that? It sounds a lot more interesting than freakin’ trade disputes and YoYo talking B.S. At least the guy in the holographic projection seemed concerned.

Anakin comes to say goodbye to Padme, but she isn’t there. He seems really happy that he may never see her again. Amidala, like the block of wood that she is tells Anakin that she will relay his message to Padme.

Amidala talks with an annoying accent- She is awful. Her makeup is still goofy, and she looks like someone punched her in the mouth. Did I mention how annoying she is? Wooden does not describe her! I’d need to invent a new word to describe her acting in this film. How about The Woodnoying one!

Next up we have a large arena of sorts where different races are discussing things that are going on in the universe that are bad. You know important stuff like universal holocausts that we don’t see… The Woodnoying one provides us with even more Fanwank and says “I won’t discuss this as a committee. I won’t condone a course of action that will lead us to war.” I have to be honest that she has kind of ruined Leia's and Han's amazing back and forth banter about Leia being a committee. They were funny and no matter how many times you saw them bicker it was still funny. Now all I can think of when a committee is brought up in Star Wars is the voice of the Woodnoying One. Ugh!

Palpatine meddles in The Woodnoying One’s ear and she votes to have Chancellor Valorum relieved of his position. I can’t say that I am sad about it as this is the first I have seen/heard of this character. Ah Chancellor Valorum, we never knew thee… He actually looked sad. So, for a brief moment there was actually a bit of decent acting in the midst of the wood. Too bad it didn’t mean anything because he was a throw away character.

I can’t say that this has gotten much better. Everyone is still on valium in this universe. Everyone walks at the same pace. Nothing really happens. We hear about things that happen, but we don’t see things happening. I can’t comprehend how people defend this garbage, but they do.

It has become painfully evident that George NEEDED Gary Kurtz in order to reign him in!

Anyway, until next time...