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Haha! True story bro. I can give you this girl's name to look up. The local newspaper did a story about her. She is totally insane from trauma but you'd never know it. She is very cute. Her story would curl your fucking hair and make you want to die. I wanted to vomit. A guy goes into a wormhole or whatever the fuck, and it leads to his daughter's bedroom!!?? I was blacking out in rage. Me, because I'm a man. You probably need someone to give you permission. I understand. A lot of girls like that are seemingly good in bed. The girl I wrote about likes to get seriously choked during sex. She dates sleazy dudes, etc and it's all because she hates herself and hates men. I dated her and refused to do any of that. Alfred Adler, my namesake, noted that "submissive" people are actually the ones in charge. They allow you to abuse them in order to make you into their abuser. I am not down for that bullshit. Yes. I know a girl who is a big fan of hers and is bisexual. Everyone is from Philly and you get a lot of masculine females here due to the dysfunctional family situation. My friend is a big fan and played this super sad song, "Daddy Don't Leave" or something like that. She is begging her dad not to leave the family. Dad does. So, for women like this, they have "daddy issues" and hate men while seeing them as powerful enough to destroy everyone. So, women are number 52 and men are number 1. Kids are number 8,000, because dad is off with his new woman and kids. Freud talked about Identification with the Enemy, which is a defense mechanism where you get abused, see your abuser as powerful, then want to become like your abuser. So, a masculine lesbian will be crude and mean, because that's how she sees men and wants that power. My friend told me she wanted to "fuck women" because she was jealous of JESSICA RABBIT----THE CARTOON---for having big boobs and stuff, while my friend does not. Lesbians like that are about hating men and hating women and "fucking" meaning abusing women sexually. There's a literally HORDE of females, usually druggies, who are like that in Philly. It's due to them being heart broken from the whole drug life, single parent thing, that is huge here. The SJW male is ineffective, corrupt, wimpy, and saved by the female, instead of the reverse. In the past, the female was ineffective, a femme Fatale, or a wallflower, which is the same thing. For fun, I was watching the old Buck Rogers series. Buck was an awesome guy who is brave, smart, has good ethics, and gets things done. His female counterpart Wilma is exactly the same way as him. So, there's no sinister "battle of the sexes" or propaganda. Same with Star Trek, there's no pussies on the crew and everyone is valuable and good, even if they have quirks. So, a good lead male has typical noble qualities as a would a female. In SJW movies the "nice male" is like the captain in this film. He okay, kinda quiet, and ends up dead or saved. You're talking about SJWs and you don't know what a sold male character would be? I am a man. Things evolve. People don't sit down and just invent a new type of social movement unless it's some planned conspiracy. Also, there were no real solid male characters in this movie. View all replies >