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She is very very beautiful to me. I live in Philadelphia and know several Irish girls who look similar. I just get entranced by them. My GF is one! I enjoy using the word "Retards" for the comical punch it has, so good title. I work in mental health too, and so I love the word even more. It just means "slow" in french. Yes, Scarlett is a sociopath and is every reason why you don't let a woman in charge of something, I believe from the perspective of that time period. Butler was a great guy that tried everything and end he just didn't care anymore. She wore him out. She wasn't feminist but rather why you should never be a feminist. Here's why...and it's not pretty. Back when movies came out, they actually hired real authors, like F Scott Fitzgerald, to write films. You would also see a wide variety of author names from different ethnicities. The original Dr. Who series, which is just a crazy TV show, actually had good plots as the BBC would have different authors for each episode, sometimes famous ones, so although the special effects weren't great, the plots and dialogue was good to great. When Dr. Who came back on TV a "gay guy" who thought the show "creepy" as a kid wrote all the shows. There you have diva plastic surgery monsters, fat droplet beings from liposuction, and the characters screaming as they ran from monsters, but no actual science fiction. That's because the writer was a homosexual who didn't get the show and wrote about monsters, "gay stuff", and so it was stupid. After Jews secured Hollywood the same thing happened. In their cult you really shouldn't hire nonjews except at servants. Non jews are evil "infidels" and shouldn't be given power. So, they hired all jewish directors, writers, and so on. So, no more famous authors calling the shots, you have idiots like Seth Rogan who does drugs, is stupid, and he is in command of vast amounts of money to make movies instead of intelligent non jews who have something to say. They cannot make movies due to bigotry. An interesting thing to observe is all the show normal people have made on youtube that make them lots of money. There's even currently famous singers who did that. If something like that didn't exist we would never have heard of them. If it ever become possible to make real films this way, we will then see jews losing their standing in Hollywood. He was in a bunch of movies that were kinda straight to video that he was great in. I think one was called "Trouble in Mind" and another where he played a Jazz musician. Some were sort of Film Noir and he was great. He was the lead actor in these. The ones he's famous for he's like a side actor or a presence. It's too bad because he as a lead never took off, but I liked him. I have a high IQ and as a child I thought he was weird and condescending. We're going to comb our hair, dooo yooou know what a comb is? The strange puppets, etc. I think maybe I was too advanced for him and could sense someone talking to me like I'm "a kid" so it was likely me. I have a question though, why do you like him? I found him to be very unsettling. I still do and I'm in my 50s. No it doesn't. All the great superhero stories are about psychology. Traumatized people sometimes get stuck at the age where the trauma happened. It prevents them from growing up and maturing. The problem with time travel is that if it works and people in the future figure out what happened, they can keep changing things. So, the first person thinks the time machine got destroyed, the people in the future think may that could happen, so they send someone to stop the machine getting destroyed which further changes things, and so on. More plot would have been great. I was a kind of slasher movie. View all replies >