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Hold on I'm Comin by Tom Jones is a remake and holy crap is it good. I play that for my gf if something is going on. You people are genuinely crazy. I see. There seem to be a huge number of snakes! I couldn't read the article from the times. All cases I have seen of younger people dying are very sick people. You aren't reading your own articles correctly. Being "sick" isn't getting the sniffles. People being hospitalized and dying are very old people or very sick people. They are already very sick from something else. We don't need a vaccine has nothing to do with not caring about people. It has to do with the facts. This virus doesn't make many people sick, at all. Even a couple famous people and a whole soccer team reported they have it, but feel nothing. A vaccine is not needed for a "disease" that has almost no side effects in nearly 100% of people. And, viruses always mutate, so it will be useless most likely next year, if this is yearly. It has nothing to do with emotional reactions and opinions. Sure. I deal with people all the time at work who just won't listen. I have even started using "god" as a way to communicate to these people. People won't even take care of children that came out of their own vagina. So, you have to hit them with, will god created all of us and that kid has a purpose, etc. You had better start taking care of yourself but you are a form of god's art work, and he will be annoyed if you destroy it, etc. Many people don't do logical things unless there's some science fiction level reason for it all. Cage tries to act and is always worth watching. All of his B and C movies are at least okay because he is in them. I don't know why Hollywood doesn't give him the chance to be in a bigger film with more money. Where do you live? Correct. But people don't want to hear about the flu because it's not sexy and new. Most of these people do not care about other people, they care about the fantasy and novelty of this situation. View all replies >