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Spoilers please When did Mr. Glass find out about clover? is Mister Glass the hero of the trilogy? View all posts >


Thanks for the in depth info. With a YouTube link to boot. Nice one. I know this gets said a lot, and I don't mean it aggressively, but if you want spectacle, I think you should watch some MCU. I don't think this film needs it. I love MCU by the way. how about that thor ragnarok huh? now that's a good movie. That's how I see it. I forgot to mention, that the other positive about the fight happening at the facility is that it plays into it all being part of Mr. Glass' plan. with Osaka tower being a misdirection, and the cameras, and him taking the basement route to give David time to catch up. I really don't agree. I can totally understand why you would feel let down by the location of the final battle, but for me.... I was feeling the hype for the approaching battle. then when they got outside, and it became clear that it was going to happen right there, I was glad and even more excited. why travel all that way to another arbitrary location, when we can just start this shit right now! let's get it on!!! and I didn't feel disappointed by the fight at all. the beast was an absolute beast, and when david shows us he is capable of taking him on. It was better and more bad ass than any marvel movie battle. I was "disappointed" that the battle came to an end prematurely. but I feel like it was a worthy sacrifice for the story. those guys all dying was the right thing to happen. as for david being killed so easily. I guess water really is his kryptonite. it isn't just that he is capable of drowning, it actually weakens him (which I think we've seen before in his two movies). and we don't know that clover doesn't have super dudes on their team (I would be surprised if they didn't). the guy that drowned david may have had super strength. after a discussion in another thread, I realize now that the mental facility was a clover operation from the ground up, so all staff killed by the beast are fine. they're "evil" henchmen. so that's conscience free for Mr. Glass (if he even has a conscience, which I don't think he does) I loved the way the movie ended, so I wouldn't want to change anything. but i do wonder..... what if Elijah tried to tell David and the horde about clover, and got them both on-side to escape from them? hmmm. I don't think he would do that, because David would never expose himself (ha ha, he does look like a flasher in his costume). and Mister Glass' whole thing is about exposing the super heroes. he cares about that more than anybody's life. ok, yeah, I like it. I didn't notice that it was a clover controlled facility. and i didn't think about the fact that it was essentially clover who arrested the other two. I like that it was a clover controlled facility. it helps to alleviate the possible criticism that it's unbelievable that someone like crumb would be held at such a seemingly understaffed facility. i'll tell you something about how much I liked this movie. you know that stupid bullshit in american beauty where the guy is all like "I cried because the plastic bag was so beautiful"? i cried during the end credits of this film because it is the beautiful plastic bag. (I'm a 38 year old guy who is not known for being emotional) it's the only time that has ever happened to me. but was he being held by the organization, or just a standard mental facility? you know, I never thought about it like that before, but, you make a strong argument. I don't think the ending is explicitly intended to create a jumping off point for making more sequels. it's the idea of what would happen next that is the exiting thing. it's the "oh shit!" moment. personally, I would prefer there aren't any more sequels, because it all wraps up perfectly in this trilogy. but, at the same time, I would totally be on-board for watching another movie in this universe, as long as Shyamalam feels like he has a good idea for it. all of the above is just my opinion though of course ; ) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ from the moment you replied your only goal was to get me to "explain what I didnt like about the ending" you did this because, No matter what I said your reply was going to be "I think this statement shows that you don't "get" the ending at all." ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ you do realise that I have only replied to you once right? you should maybe calm down a bit. as angry as you are about demanding that everybody should hate this film, there are other people who have a different opinion about the movie that is just as valid as yours. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I think you mean "IMO there could not have been a more perfect ending to this trilogy." ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ yes, that is exactly what I mean. given that I was the person who wrote it, it is by definition; my opinion. IMO it is not necessary to write "IMO" before everything I say. because, IMO everything I say is my opinion. but you know, that's just my opinion (IMO). View all replies >