Spoilers please

I went toilet, and when I got back Captain marvel's suit had changed colour.

How did that happen?



Monica Rambeau (future Photon), the daughter of Maria Rambeau (Carol's BFF), was with Carol on the steps at the front of the house. Carol wanted a change in the color scheme from the boring green as a new start to her identity and had Monica help choose through various color schemes (including an overly bright rainbow one) to see which one Monica likes. Eventually Monica picked the color she liked for Carol to represent herself as once Carol noticed the color pattern on Monica's shirt "since we're on the same team" (United States Airforce).



Thanks for the in depth info. With a YouTube link to boot.

Nice one.


Plus they doubled their action figure output with only a paint job needed.



In a word, space/kree tech.

Some of the different colors she tried out were clever nods.