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If Joel Schumacher directed this... It's the same story time after time John Krasinski was terrific in this 50s Look That full frontal was unexpected Thought he was a Wahlberg View all posts >


Funny how you mention John Goodman. Russell Crowe's portrayal felt like a more deranged Walter Sobchak. The main storyline was Borat's attempt to bring a gift to one of Trump's friends. But 'everyone' watches the movie for the pranks, not for the story so it doesn't really matter that much. It seems they wrote the pandemic into the film in the last minute to make it more contemporary. It didn't really need to be there, but it didn't hurt the story either. I agree with you, it doesn't mock jewish people, it's making fun of prejudices and anti-semites. You liked the whole movie more or less? ;-) I liked the bit at the pregnancy clinic best just because it felt real and the doctor never seemed to see through Borat. How they were talking about different babies felt a little clever too. Caring for your house does not make you a psychopath! Maybe Scott is a psychopath for hanging that ugly painting on the wall - or Mike who's invited to a man's home and disgrace it by saying it's not as good as Taj Mahal! It's f-ing better than Taj Mahaaal!! <spoiler>;-)</spoiler> Split (2016) It looked like the stab hit him in the liver, there was no way for him to survive that then. Even if it hit him somewhere else on the torso he would have lost too much blood to survive, before receiving sufficient medical care. What irritates me is why they didn't disarm the enemy pilot, that's the first thing you do if you capture an enemy soldier. That's how video game reviews were on the TV in the 90s at least - minus the tuxedo. It's a little trippy, but you don't have to have seen the show before watching the movie. The episodes in the TV series aren't really connected to each other, more than the general theme of human desires and future technology. View all replies >