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Am I the only one who thought SR Hadden... Has he ever portrayed a character of low or average intelligence? This movie is good I liked Captain Marvel & Wonder Woman but not this Bane the ultimate cuck? Maggie Gyllenhaal ruined it and Rachel became a horrible character Entertaining, nothing more James Marsden is boring and uninteresting Welfare, charities, SJWs and conservatives create idiocracy It's like a 12 year old wrote this - but I still liked it View all posts >


She is cuteness personified I rewatched the other movies before watching this and I have to say the first one is really not as good as I remembered it. A terrible script saved by Will and Martin's performances. The sequel had a slightly better script, but the Will and Martin arguments got tiring and repetitive after a while. More of the same in this one, but it had the best script and shootouts. A lot of try hard jokes fell flat. Marcus' whining was more annoying than funny. Captain Howard was cringy. The Mexican witch was stuff out of a B-movie. I also rewatched Men In Black. It was even better than I remembered it. Now there's an actually good 90s buddy cop/agent movie featuring Will Smith. I definitely didnt say that about the Olsen twins. Mackenzie has the Anne Hathaway type of eternally youthful cute face. She is extremely likable in Interstellar. In fact it felt like a huge anticlimax when they replaced her with new actresses as the character got older. SHE was the cute daughter that we wanted to see reunited with the daughter. Not freaking Ellen Burstyn. At your age you could either live to over 100 or die tomorrow. Pi Aranofsky got the better start, but Nolan has made far better movies. He's trying to say that directors are pressured / blackmailed into hiring black actors. Not Asian, not Hispanic, but specifically black actors. If you don't, then you're a racist that continues institutional racism and you should be the next victim of CancelCulture. Is it a coincidence that Nolan's newest movie is also the first one that's starring a black actor? In the universe of heterosexuality Gyllenhaal? You're gay/girl/asexual aren't you? She's extremely cute in an innocent way. View all replies >