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*spoilers* lets analyze one aspect of why this movie is trash red letter media bashing the movie finally saw it. what a boring piece of turd so captain marvel will defeat thanos? if doug walker and his brother bashed it i love how he point out cnn is fake news im a white male. this movie was not made for me gay of thrones is a shitty show loved it. great movie View all posts >


YES boring and bland. just like i thought. i said. its not the worst movie its just boring as shit and therefore it dosent have any appeal to it. same thing the walker brothers said. almost everyone who watched this movie said it. bland and boring did you forget the shitstorm before the 2016 elections? no they are not. but keep believe in this marveltard martha? you keep blaming me to be some dctard but i hated this scene as well. so much cringe. i told you before. im not this DCEU fantic guy you think i am. look at my posts . its not even similiar those user revivews were posted after the movie came out how do you know they were fake? bla bla bla your boring as hell. youl be suprised to know that GOTG VOLUME 2 is on my TOP 5 super hero movies. View all replies >