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brie larson is a sexist and a racist at least we dont have joke after joke after joke like marvel you had a chance to include the defenders you assholes director's cut is coming! it at least better then all the thor movies im mad on marvel for not including the daredevil and kingpin daredevil is in the movie? trailer look so trashy good. end the shared universe crap and start focusing on stand alone movies another feminist garbage View all posts >


its as reliable just like when people talked about an aunt may solo movie you mad you stupid little marveltard? yes you are. and i absolutly love your madness. silly marveltard loser they wanted to get rid of the old blonde sissy image of aquaman and they succseeded and ur name is mister trash ooooh we got an sjw feminist over here LOL yes and you should be too you have harlem in your name which is luke cage neighberhood you are a marveltard they do. water enters his lungs through his nostrils. View all replies >