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YES boring and bland. just like i thought. i said. its not the worst movie its just boring as shit and therefore it dosent have any appeal to it. same thing the walker brothers said. almost everyone who watched this movie said it. bland and boring did you forget the shitstorm before the 2016 elections? no they are not. but keep believe in this marveltard martha? you keep blaming me to be some dctard but i hated this scene as well. so much cringe. i told you before. im not this DCEU fantic guy you think i am. look at my posts . its not even similiar those user revivews were posted after the movie came out how do you know they were fake? bla bla bla your boring as hell. youl be suprised to know that GOTG VOLUME 2 is on my TOP 5 super hero movies. the same RT who deleted thousends of bad user revivews? this aint about marvel or dc. this is about an agenda. and what intention i have to lie? before i said i dident watched it. so why i wasent lying then? you got nothing to say marveltard. your pathetic. everything they will throw at you you will eat it like an hungry dog. im not a dctard. i just hate marveltards and dc tards both. im a fan of the 2 and my revivew is objective. this movie is trash. yes. it is yes he was until the end where they sended the missiles on earth and then he was on the spaceship with another one who looks exectly like him. aquaman was an amazing movie. i dont care how much money he made it was epic and even doug walker the disneytard said it. just because MOS and BVS failed dosent mean DCEU is a faliture. besides. il give you this. MOS and BVS (extented cut) are way better then justice leauge that i think is the worst super hero movie ever made with avengers 2012 as a closed second do you think i remember every little detail? you must be dumb then. earth is known as C-35. ronan was shown only as an hologram and i dont remember what he said. like i said the movie was so boring that you dont care about the details. but i gave you enough things that only someone who saw it will tell you. want more? carol change her blue suit into red and blue with the little black girl see? no wikipedia will tell you that. dont doubt me boy. i aint a DCEU fan im a fan of both marvel and dc. this movie was just trash. you are the one who is a marveltard and say its on the level of GOTG. even most marveltards agree this one is the weakest marvel movie fake news. do you really think the disney controlled media will tell you the real numbers? it as bad as fan4stic yes. its boring just like that movie. isnt that bad? alita is awesome i actually love strong woman and motoko kusanagy from ghost in the shell is my favorite female charecter. i have a problem with boring movies the cat is an octophs alien inside he scratch fury's eye. in the end carol danvers destroy missiles that the accusers shoot at earth. the scrolls became friends with her in the end. jude law charecter become the vilian in the ending of the movie. do you need more?