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Would not bang. Bag of shite Shite shite shite shite shite shite shite a bit shite Holy shit that was a full on awesome cinematic work - how come I never heard of it before? View all posts >


jerkoff smh wrong. it's a shite movie. but this is the joy of the internet! do u even bladerunner bro? I did, today. shiter. Authentic shiter. Like 6 year old's saturday morning tv. shite yeah basically it was shite. I walked out half way through, during the power ball shenanigans.... and believe me I was shaking my head smh no. shiter. Scent of a Woman is great. this however is sunday evening downton abbey shite. merchant ivory it ain't kids. it's shite don't bother u hi? it was shite shite shite have you seen merchant ivory films? do you even cinematography? gtfo with this shite View all replies >