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This guy needs to fuck off and learn to act some This film blew me away. I loved it. [spoilers] Pike's final dream If it wasn't all symmetrical, would this still be worth watching? Would not bang. Bag of shite Shite shite shite shite shite shite shite a bit shite Holy shit that was a full on awesome cinematic work - how come I never heard of it before? View all posts >


what do you like so much about it? also this explains why everyone from the Wild Bunch is in it, except for Pike - who is the dreamer/observer/camera himself... fan theory confirmed! no it's just symmetrical. nothing more to it. go buy a mirror and do the split thing to make the same effect and dont' bother with the film I kinda hope not but it would be funny. and lord knows we need some laughs these days... vote Bernie 2020 Ok my friend. I guess I just prefer my natural light to be Barry Lyndon style, not this, whatever this is. I said it too, independently of your girlfriend or OC. I think the universe is trying to tell you something... smh lol ew. jerkoff smh wrong. it's a shite movie. but this is the joy of the internet! View all replies >