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Cool! I like her more now. How is Mel in this? Does he have much of a part? Spot on. I think educated, informed people (black and white) see this movie for what it is, and are choosing not to bother with it. I don’t remember seeing any flashback footage of a young Chozen. Which episode was it? That wedge haircut reminded me of the sacred headdress of an ancient pharaoh. People took Braveheart to task for years...decades....because of historical inaccuracies. I think what people are complaining about much the film downplays what really happened with that tribe. It makes them look like a bunch of heroic women who kicked the ass of the evil, colonizing men. The way this movie mis-portrays what really happens is not only a perfect example of "wokeness", it's also rewriting history in order to make one group look bad and another group look good. If people did their own research on this tribe, they (should) be outraged that they are being glorified. He’s a one trick pony. I’ve never found his schtick funny. I avoid his movies like the plague. Bland, pasty, un-interesting (and actually ANNOYING) Bond girls. The incredibly annoying Russian computer wiz guy. And don’t even get me started on Joe Don Baker! I think people WANTED to love this movie....maybe because they looked at Pierce Brosnan as the second coming....or maybe because of the cool title....or because they felt Brosnan looked pretty in his little tuxedos. But, this was a lackluster, overrated and annoying Bond film. People just remember it with rose-colored glasses. I’ll give it this, it was perhaps the best of the awful Brosnan era. Once Casino Royale came along, it made the Brosnan films look even worse. In CR, you had a Bond who could kill someone with his bare hands. A guy not afraid to get his hands dirty. Brosnan prances around in his little tuxedos, not a hair out of place, making stupid puns...and worrying if his little martini is shaken or stirred. People like Brosnan because they feel Bond should be "suave", and look good in a tuxedo. They feel he LOOKED the part, like Johnny Bravo (Google it). The real Bond of Flemming's books was tough, even cold, with a scar running down his face. NOT some pretty boy, sashaying around in tuxedos. BTW, this is not meant as a slight to Brosnan. He’s generally great in most everything he’s in. Not sure you have a point here. All three of those men you mentioned were trashed in the tabloids constantly. Spacey is all but dead to Hollywood. Baldwin’s story is still playing out, but it’s not looking good. And Gibson’s career will NEVER be the same. He was the definition of a pariah for 15 years….and he’s STILL paying a price. Soooo, not sure your point. If you’re trying to say something provocative, maybe ask how professional athletes can be caught on film beating women up….yet still hold onto their multi-million dollar careers. I agree as well. Dalton is a good actor, but as Bond he was just too….stuffy. Daniel Craig, on the other hand, delivered a master class on how to do a serious Bond. Calm, cool and dangerous. I never got a sense of danger from Brosnan. He was too busy prancing around in his little tuxedos, not a hair out of place, worrying about whether his little martinis were shaken or stirred. Kinda creepy…..but ultimately, it felt like a waste of time. See it if you’re a 14 year old. Otherwise, don’t bother. Oh and BTW….to any of you out there who insist on talking all through a movie as if we’re in your living room….shut the FUCK up, you inconsiderate lowlifes. bump I like the idea of Keanu reprising that role…..but not with a FF crossover. The FF franchise would rob the Point Break sequel of any credibility. Those FF movies are so cartoonishly stupid I can’t even get through 10 minutes of one these days. Where can it be viewed? The running theme of the original was: “I thought you’d be bigger”. Maybe you’re trolling and I fell for it. Right. It wasn’t that long ago that SNL gave us stuff like the Lonely Island skits with Andy Samberg. “Captain Jack Sparrow”, “D—k in a Box”, “I’m on a Boat”, etc. Those bits rank right up there with the very best from the past. And let’s face it, they are WAY better than stuff like Bass-O-Mattic, Baba Wawa, The Church Lady, Pat, etc. As you say, the show has always been unpredictably hit and miss….and that has always been part of its charm. If SNL goes away, so does (yet another) chunk of our youth. Jackals There were definitely other animals shown. For example, when the white friend goes looking for the lion, rifle in hand, he's standing at the edge of some water and we see a couple crocs slide into the water....(which was probably meant to remind us of just how much danger surrounded them....above and beyond just the lion). Other random animals are the scene where Idris climbs up on the top of the Land Rover to look for the lion/shadows. While scanning his surroundings, he sees other animals scatter (I believe one was a wildebeest). I think people get a certain image in their heads (based on movies, etc.) that Africa has big, wild animals walking around all over the place. In reality, there are vast open spaces of dried earth and dessert....and you might not see an animal for miles. (Plus, many of them would probably choose to stay out of site). This was a very good popcorn movie. If they went for 100% realism, it would have made for a pretty boring movie.