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I always find it quite funny....the incongruency of technology in films like this. Especially films set in (what the producers feel) the future will look like. An example of this would be the original Rollerball. Set in the future. SOME futuristic concepts (like laser pistols, big screen TV's, doors that slide open top-to-bottom unnecessarily, etc....). But then you also see wood panel living rooms, shag carpet, silly "futuristic-looking" font on things like the helicopter, land line phones, etc. Star Wars...where you have enough technology in that world to have laser pistols, light sabers, spaceships, hyperspace capability, robots that can think and have emotions and personalities, yet.....R2-D2 can't just speak English, C3P0 looks like a robot rendering from the 60's waddling around, nobody has a cell phone, the technology in the spaceships is represented by rows and rows of blinking lights, and don't even get me started on the juvenile terminology ("blasters", "The Death Star", etc.). No cyborgs. And the creatures in the cantina look like stuffed animals. The technology in Alien is indeed VERY dated, and INCONGRUENT....for reasons the OP already stated. You see similar incongruency in the original Star Trek series. They have phasers....the ability to teleport, etc....yet there really isn't any form of modern computer in the bridge....just rows of blinking buttons and a tiny video screen with what looks like the Pong video game on it, ha ha. It's the go-to special effect to depict spaceship technology: hundreds of colorful, unlabeled, blinking buttons. (I WILL give Star Trek credit for having the foresite to depict cell phones, albeit FLIP PHONES, ha ha). I agree that the sketches can be hit or miss....but that has always been the nature and charm of this very unique TV experiment: Live Sketch Comedy. Always going to be hit and miss, but being live...that's half the fun of it. Especially when they flub a line or start to crack up, and really try to hold it together. You can tell they're having fun, and that is contagious. There's just something really cool about the tradition of this little theater in NY doing a live show in the middle of the night, just like they did way back in the 70's. Something cool about a surprise walk-on (like Mick Jagger) showing up in the middle of the night to this little theater to do an unannounced cameo in a sketch. This kind of TV is from a bygone era that is all but extinct these days. And like I said....once it's gone, another part of our youth disappears. The random uncertainty is part of the fun. And sometimes, a really bad sketch can be more fun than a well-crafted one. I'll take the unpredictability of live comedy over yet another cookie-cutter sitcom or talk show any day. WarrenPeace.....I'll never understand SNL cancelmongers like you. If you don't like it.........don't watch it. SNL is an institution, a significant one. It was there when you were too young to watch (and had to sneak-watch). It was there when you were in college, maybe in the background at a party. It was there during your bar-hopping days, when you got home with some Taco Bell and kicked your shoes off. When SNL eventually DOES go away for good (replaced by some infomercial).....yet another pop culture icon will die (and so will another part of your youth). Just leave it alone. Don't watch. Walk away. You've...."outgrown" it, in the worst kind of way. Pity. She's very talented. And I remember when she arrived at SNL, she really elevated the material. She does this primarily by being very good at getting into character, any character, and fully committing to it. Now, you could say the material written for her isn't always top notch. But her talent is pretty apparent, IMO. The first mistake is thinking this is “a werewolf movie”. More women need to call this out. It’s not “toxic” to simply be a straight white man. Where can one find the extended version? DVD? This was a good, well-crafted film, with great performances and beautiful cinematography. If you're a fan of solid, grown-up storytelling without a lot of CGI and silly, over-the-top action and stunts, give this one a chance. It's a step above what Liam has been putting out over the past few years. Unless you address the specific person you're replying to, in your reply, it can be ambiguous...and even perceived that your reply, direcly following someone's post, is a reply to them. Happens all the time. Not worth arguing about. Ironically, I was agreeing with you. Heisenberg: Because if you look at the sequence of posts, your reply falls directly after my post. that directed at me?? I AGREED with you. I agree with the OP. People are either trying to be cavalier and faux-hardened by showing the exact opposite of compassion for the royals. Or, they have these ridiculous, naive and childish conspiracy theories. It makes me shake my head. For those who are feeling all chest-puffy with their hard words about not caring one way or another about this woman....just wait until cancer hits closer to home. It will, and maybe your perspective will change. And for those with the silly conspiracy theories...try to get outside and get a little sun. For those who simply hold their tongue, or show a little compassion and respect, kudos to you. You're a dwindling but admirable lot. I don't think many people are arguing the original Roadhouse wasn't the better movie of the two. But this one....on its own.....if you try to resist the urge to compare it to (or hold it to the same standard as) the a fun, schlocky fisticuffs popcorn movie. One of the reasons the original was a lot better came up with that (relatively original) concept first. (Although it would be easy to argue the concept dates back to films like The Outlaw Josey Wales...Pale Rider, and actually...the "gun for hire" concept dates waaaaay further far back as stories have been told. But as far as recent, modern flicks go, it had a relatively original and modern take, and has become legendary by being one of those so-bad-it's-good "guilty pleasures" that pops-up on TBS every other week, the way The Beastmaster used to. I think people get off on hating this movie for other righteously indignant, principled reasons. And by doing so, they miss the bigger picture. Rather than slamming this as an example of ongoing poor quality and a lack of original ideas from Hollywood....they should be CELEBRATING this movie for having the guts, unapologetically, to revive an extinct genre (a non-woke fisticuffs movie that dares to feature a straight, white male as the alpha protagonist) the same vein as say...Clint was in Every Which Way But Loose". Well, everyone has an opinion. I have been enjoying this show quite a bit. It's great to see Rick and Micchone's characters fleshed out in a different way like this. For Micchone in particular...quite a character arc from the first time we see her in TWD! And we're seeing now what she must have been like before the ZA. She even shows a bit of a playful side. I agree, they have good chemistry together. Do we know if there WILL be a second season? I've never heard one mentioned. And people get off so much trashing Season 1, it just might sink the possibility of a second one. You look back fondly on those dumb action/fisticuffs movies of the past mostly due to nostalgia (as do I). They were great fun to watch as a kid...and so they still seem great today, for how they remind you of your youth and better times. Truth is....the vast majority of those movies were dumb, cookie-cutter, gratuitous junk (and they knew it). It was just good, dumb fun. No more, no less. Cobra...Demolition Man....Kickboxer....No Holds Barred...Road House 2: Last Call.....Out for Justice....The Perfect Weapon....Streetfighter....Hard Target.....Time Cop.....Over the Top.....Code of Silence......Forced Vengence.....Marked for Death....Tango & Cash.....The Transporter....XXX.....Fast & Furious.......(how much time do you have)..... Again, this Road House reimagining is just a riff on a bygone era, as movies like this (a gratuitous fisticuffs movie with a white male as the Alpha Protagonist) are all but extinct. Instead of trashing it, you should maybe think about supporting the effort. This movie (its producers, writers, director, actors, etc...) are all in on the fun. They KNOW this is schlock. It's not TRYING to be great cinema. YOU are the one going in to it expecting a 3-star film experience. What you SHOULD have had is just a decent, shut-your-mind-off escape for a couple hours. Nothing more. I don't think most people EXPECTED top notch cinema here. The original was dumb, too. That's why people call it a "guilty pleasure". You watch it when it comes on just for the pure mindless spectacle. Like when the thugs run over a used car lot with a monster Bigfoot truck. (Dumb Fun) As far as your complaints about the story (really?)...the whole bit about asking if the thugs have insurance, driving them to the hospital, etc...was just a funny riff on Dalton's whole "be nice" philosophy. Hey, if you just want to hate on this movie, I'm not going to call your take "awful". But, as Dalton would say: "opinions vary". I think YOU need to do some research. I'm glad you're out of harm's way....but I will trust the word and advice of my doctor, my wife's friends who are doctors...and insane amounts of data out there to be found: getting a COVID vaccine is the smart thing to do, and is of no risk. Believing it causes all sorts of other malodies is like saying you also feel it's the government's way of injecting a computer chip into you so they can track you. I mean....please. Ask a doctor. Ask ANY doctor. Ask your pharmacist. Smart, trained people in medicine highly recommend getting vaccinated, not just to help prevent catching the virus, but also to keep your symptoms to a minimum if you DO catch it. When COVID first came out, people were lined-up in the hallways of hospitals, struggling to live and waiting for ventilators. The death counts were astonishing. That is all but gone now, because people are wisely getting vaccinated en masse, just the same as they get vaccinated for the flu. There is zero evidence that vaccines promote cancer, and any doctor, pharmacist or scientist would laugh at the suggestion. People who believe these things walk around with tin foil hats on their heads. I He was great in Mission Impossible: Fallout as well. He does calm & menacing very well, and has a certain charm when he wants to use it. He also has an imposing screen presence. I think it's lazy to call him boring. He's just not overly animated. And his roles don't CALL for overly animated. It would be like calling Clint Eastwood boring...or DeNiro....or Freeman....or Costner....or Ford....or........................................................................................................................ I thought so. All the vaccine is…is a dead version of the virus. It works the same way as that measles vaccine you got as a kid. It triggers your body to create antibodies to fight off the virus. It’s not some chemical concoction. That Diet Coke you’re drinking is far more dangerous than a vaccine.