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If the movie was made these days... If the phone lines went down... If they remade it today Why did Buddy hate Arnie so much? What was the episode name? Supplies for the time there Ghost Town episode Would they really have allowed Forrest into the military? Are they really going to? The Future is SoBright episode View all posts >


Except that her family earned their money that they gave her. Many people getting hand-outs never earned anything in their lives. I think her parents were doctors, and a little snobby. I believe there was one episode when they wanted to take her out of Eastland and send her to a "better" school. Also, most likely all students going there had to be somewhat wealthy to afford the tuition and other fees. Which character had the drug addiction? The one in Blossom or the one in Mr. Belvedere? I don't remember that in Mr. Belvedere, but I had stopped watching the show. He had explained how Mike became president but deleted it for some reason. Maybe it was wrong? Exactly! I got the impression that they stopped being friends that day, or because of their trip. It's been years since I saw that movie, I forgot about that line. It's always that way - the book and movie being very different. I think it was a resort for the extremely rich - so they made their money off high prices. But then if it was open all year, there would be no movie. I don't remember the movie mentioning her having sisters. Seems kind of pointless if they didn't put them in the storyline. I kind of thought it was just because he saw an easy target, but wondered if Arnie had also somehow (in Buddy's eyes) wronged Buddy in some way. View all replies >