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Supplies for the time there Ghost Town episode Would they really have allowed Forrest into the military? Are they really going to? The Future is SoBright episode If there WAS a reunion show: What time period would they do today? Another thought on a reboot Just wondering how some things turned out Oldest brother View all posts >


I have not watched in a very long time (years). But going back: Bo: The marriage vow is "forsaking all others". Not "Forsaking your wife every time an ex comes back to your life" No to mention how he didn't care when Chelsea killed his and Hope's son. Belle: Made Shawn crawl to be back in her life after he "said mean things" to her. Instantly forgave Phillip for trying to take her baby from her. Never cheated on Phillip once (always flashing her ring at Shawn) but cheated on Shawn with ease and no regrets (worried about getting caught doesn't count) with Phillip. "______" phobia - the go to word of liberals when someone has an opinion different than their own. Also, yes, there are differences in opinions. Some actually look more into things than others, instead of just jumping on the politically correct bandwagon. Pretty much in that order. The show was really at its prime in the first seasons. Brenda leaving and Val coming in seemed pretty decent in the beginning of that era. The show started losing something after that. I really only watched randomly during the last 2 seasons. I really could not stand some of the new characters. Why always replace one with another? Just have someone leave and everyone moves on! I will say, I was glad when Claire left, i could not stand her. The fact that NOBODY ever stood up to Annie. She was always able to intimidate everyone. Even when Annie was wrong, they apologized to her. I can just imagine Annie's speech, justifying her affair and saying how she did nothing wrong. I think that was what she was trying to call it. I think if they had allowed the younger kids to act their ages, it could have lasted another season. How about Bobby and Cindy going on their first dates - maybe a double date? Give Marcia a steady boyfriend as a recurring character. (I am thinking a 70s error Nick from Family Ties but more of a hippy type). Sam and Alice getting engaged, with references to the wedding planning) and the finale being the wedding. Peter would already be in high school, they could show her meeting Phillip and her transition from how she was into the uptight person she became. I agree about those being two of the worst. I thought the best was the earliest seasons, when it was long. Did they do this for all people? Or just a "select" group? How did they make money? No, their mother died first. He had abandoned them. he showed up later after they were living with Drummond. View all replies >