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Just about every show has a "white people are bad, all of them racist, no black people ever do bad things, all are eternal victims" message to it. Pretty much what I expected it to be. Or a catholic priest saying sex without marriage is wrong. Then forcing sex on little boys. Yeah - the generation that eats Tide Pods and needs "safe spaces" really is "more sophisticated, better educated and informed on the important issues." The "woke" crowd. No, because I am not that type of person. My grandfather on my mother's side dealt with oppression and discrimination when he first (legally) came to this country. He never committed any crimes. My grandfather on my father's side also dealt with discrimination just for being of Irish descent and never committed any crimes. Jesse James never killed innocent people? It will be the "new" history. Only certain parts shown to get certain reactions. No, it has white characters. Of course, every. single. one. is a bigot. It was what I expected it to be. Every white person - "prejudiced." Black people - "justified" in whatever they did. I saw enough. No, just after robbing people. Instead of letting them live after robbing them. Was central a/c around then? Even if the rest of the house had it, I doubt the attic would have had it. It must have been really hot up there. View all replies >