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This is going to flop so hard. I really enjoyed it too, which I was not expecting. Yet it got an A- CinemaScore, which is strange. I liked it. It was a nice standalone movie, a palate cleanser after Infinity War. I think it was realistic. He took the suit to help Cap, who was labeled a fugitive, without telling them, and they got in trouble for it without playing any part in it because it was Hank's technology. They lost their freedom and their dignity, and were also labelled fugitives. I would be pissed too. Check now. Review embargo. Critics are not allowed to publish reviews until a certain time called the the embargo. Embargo doesn't lift till 11AM ET Because? Where did you see $75M at best? Here it says $80 Million: [url]https://variety.com/2018/film/news/ant-man-and-the-wasp-box-office-preview-1202863737/[/url] That 80M would be 40% above the first one's 57M opening weekend. How is that underperforming?? View all replies >