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Just watched... ummm Strangest comedy in a while. Season 10 episode 6 - 200 First 30 seconds, I'm already worried... What the hell am I even watching? You have saved this city... God Damn It !!! Best Season Yet! I wanted to.. I really did.. 'Twas a chance... I love it :) View all posts >


Whew, xanax taken.. there is simply no need for sarcasism in 2019. *jazz hands* Jesus christ, get a life. We would all do well to forget Ken Park was a movie. James made his bones in further things. I prefer to think of that. It's a comedy. Enjoy the quirks. :) Has to be, I mean, there is just too much going on for it not to be. Well, a horror comedy. The best kind. It's the evil dead meets IT.. you don't question these things. You wonder at the way they were crafted. haha Ahh Cheers for that, I didn't even think about gateworld. Too used to how IMdB used to work, where people would go on and on for ages :) Thanks mate!! In Nomine You et al !! ;) I wonder if he still has me on ignore.... Such a sniffle forms... lmfao. From everything I'd seen, and read.. I did expect to be annoyed by it. Happily, I was pleasantly surprised!! (and I'm super slow reading comments on here, come here to post about stargate sg1, noticed I had comments in my post.. Oo) :) I didn't realise that. And he was probably paid less, seeing as it was a low key thing. I saw an interview with the guy who plays Preacher, and afaik, they decided to give it a final telling, he said that they let them basically head down the comic line completely, giving them free reign to take it where it was meant to go. I've not yet watched it, it's hard to get back into, forgetting where things left off.. but that's just me. looking forward to some time, a few beverages and letting it either finish it's story, or irk me endlessly with indignant ire. Oo ;) well I'd have wasted it for us both, but fair point!! ... 7 circuit boards I'll never have printed. :( View all replies >