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What the hell am I even watching? You have saved this city... God Damn It !!! Best Season Yet! I wanted to.. I really did.. 'Twas a chance... I love it :) Well thats 6 hours I wont get back... Ha, who knew.. It's better than I thought... Season 4 finale.. Season 2? View all posts >


;) well I'd have wasted it for us both, but fair point!! ... 7 circuit boards I'll never have printed. :( Obviously. Ahem, you used more letters in your time telling me in my one sentence of less words, that I waste my time... And the way I do, no less.. Because, wasting time the way others do, is so in vogue. At least I derived enjoyment from my time spent, whilst you merely wasted drivel.. Put me on ignore. I am soooo miffed. Next. Note to you: Next time, give me the $15, save yourself 40 minutes and we'll all be better off!! It was MY submarine, and I had already walked out. He didn't even bring the bloody popcorn. :( I love your use of ' and " with different angles to what a keyboard can perform at a touch. And your cutting remark!! Any other movie, as soon as bikers were being strewn across a road, smashing into cars, you'd have an APB out and hordes of cops in pursuit... Not a single cop. But this is the fantasy. It's not meant to be realistic, just a frantic mass murder of belief. And I for one, dig it.. Ahh common, think of it as a FPS game, where you don't even need a controller, it's one long cut scene. Then you can sit back and go "I wanna play it again!" Someone turned god mode on, so what.. haha To witness the drops of tears from those who cannot grok the entertainment value, and howl at inanimate objects hoping for answers.. lolol Says you !!!! Oo View all replies >