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Thats how a movie should end. Was a bit underwhelmed. Each episode gets your feelers. Just watched... ummm Strangest comedy in a while. Season 10 episode 6 - 200 First 30 seconds, I'm already worried... What the hell am I even watching? You have saved this city... God Damn It !!! Best Season Yet! View all posts >


I know what you mean about a movie standing on it's own, while people just lambast it for not being any good and accuse you of just not getting it. Look into the movie Ink. I thought it was brilliant.. loads of people said it was shite. But for an indie flick, it stood apart and on it's own. a unique meander into someones mind story that came across as a surreal imperfect, perfection, in my mind. I read that as appalling.. lol, appealing. I think it resonates with more the softer heart.. but that could be the valium talking. I LIKE PEANUT BUTTER. that's all I read.. sorry. It was the cat, wasn't it.. the cat... Oo Lol she apparently does good asmr. and that turns me off even looking at asmr... never compare anything to cardi b. please. *shudders* It's a terrible movie, and you watched it twice? It was ok. not the feminist cliche I was led to believe. It stood on it's own, imo. I enjoyed it, first run.. and I'm not delving into the genre. Just as a movie. 6.5 out of 10. Would watch again on a balmy sunday night, on the telly. I wanted that butterfly so much.. the movie enticed it, crawled at it, but I was left with a sticky goo on a bereft leaf... weird allusion, to be sure Oo But I did so want this to be a start. It felt tepid in it's finality. It didn't have that umpf, it was like the ending to stargate atlantis, you wanted to know, realise, witness, more... but were left hanging. I don't want to start reading comics to get that fulfillment after the fact.. I wanted that to hit me right in the feelers, right there, and then allow me to peruse those things, in leasure, not be left wanting to have to fulfil those things at random. Just a movie watcher, me.. not a fan of the franchise, per se.. simple satiation, required. not instructions to go back to beyond.. :) still, it was a good performance by phoenix. That I can say. :) This, this is something I feel compelled to agree with. Absolutely. Oh they missed the boat by doing what they did, as they did. He was trapped by the fatality of his own script, where there could have been an immaculate release, given the right writing... It was a flower, pretty to witness, but.. no aroma.. not really. not outstanding at least. it was just a garden waiting to have that one thing stand out.. which it never did, alas. Perhaps I need to do this.. I did it a number of times with Chopper (And I love that movie, same with Bronson for doing that) and perhaps need to get the nuances more. I admit, there was a lot to Phoenix portrayal. :) ^ This ! Exactly how I felt. You said it in 5 lines. A good movie, one I will remember, but not a standing ovation. Cheers! View all replies >