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That was the seriese finale? Did I miss something? S05-E07 What I didn't get was.... Thats how a movie should end. Was a bit underwhelmed. Each episode gets your feelers. Just watched... ummm Strangest comedy in a while. Season 10 episode 6 - 200 First 30 seconds, I'm already worried... View all posts >


EXECUTION - fitting word for what I am about to do to myself, after witnessing this atrocity... But I'm here.. I don't want to go there. That's why I'm here. And not there. For this incarnation? hell, you could have put Ron Pearlman as the guy.. would have made no difference, as it was just a jaunt, and didn't catch my imagination. Who really knows... terrible movie, imo. just a run of imagination by the writer, using a well known trope. There needed to be more than 10 episodes I think. As it is now, I'll forget where it is, if/when any more do come forth. But having just binged all 10 episodes in a row, I'm a little bit taken by it. I enjoyed it. Just as it was getting to the meat of it, though... damn!! I thought of it as a reverse farm for humans. Raise the 'insect' things young, then discard them without any regard. Like how some insects prey on other insects, pretending to be them, sting them, infest them with their eggs, which hatch and, in this case, devour their ability to communicate as a human, to then continue the cycle. The entire place was a farm for some insect type alien/interdimensional being etc, which I got from the way it scampered away when struck. But separated by dimensions so none of them could collude, not that it'd have mattered. each kept in a different octagon. Why they didn't kill the kid eludes me, he was obviously a madness. even at the end, she tried, and hurt it. could have done that a lot sooner. I would have, being there. not what I had wanted to watch wasting my bottle of vodka though.. Oo I think they would have all been empty. It was the place they were taken to that was occupied. We never saw anyone else. They'd have all been outside screaming.. Kinda like when she went under the sidewalk, she couldn't stay in any one place, till it was hers. Damn weird ass movie though... I'd have killed the little sh!t a lot sooner. Oh thank god I'm not the only one who saw a thin jack black in this. they should do a thing together. And I concur. not a bad lapse from the daily grind. I likeded it morer than you did! heh, and thus I slowly disappear into the shade cast upon the wall, from the fireplace with it's fervent conflagration, flicking it's tepid yellow hue over everything, except the shadows which hide, solemnly in the corners, just out of reach... Knowing you can never defend your position, as it is a subjective one, and never can two subjective positions be melded into one all encompassing thing.. for shadows always hide the things you can never see clearly, and it is your own thoughts you express into them.. unless it's your shout. I'll have a pint of vodka and red bull, thanks. With an umbrella. I like to pretend I'm on a secluded exotic island replete with raunchy islander ladies, in grass skirts, fawning over me as I slob around, all cashed up like. :) And a straw. You fell asleep, didn't you.. I did.. But then I rewound to the last thing I remembered, poured another drink, and it was like the trip finally peaked. :) I liked the end, it had an alluring sense of "YESSSS!" to it. And one, for a change, that does not elicit notions of a sequel. We can imagine it.. and that imagined sequel is for us to watch, in the minds eye.. anything else put forward would be a dire thing. and we'd all yell "They didn't do it right!!" and boo and hiss. except the one person, who wrote the script. View all replies >