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EXECUTION - fitting word for what I am about to do to myself, after witnessing this atrocity... But I'm here.. I don't want to go there. That's why I'm here. And not there. For this incarnation? hell, you could have put Ron Pearlman as the guy.. would have made no difference, as it was just a jaunt, and didn't catch my imagination. Who really knows... terrible movie, imo. just a run of imagination by the writer, using a well known trope. There needed to be more than 10 episodes I think. As it is now, I'll forget where it is, if/when any more do come forth. But having just binged all 10 episodes in a row, I'm a little bit taken by it. I enjoyed it. Just as it was getting to the meat of it, though... damn!! I thought of it as a reverse farm for humans. Raise the 'insect' things young, then discard them without any regard. Like how some insects prey on other insects, pretending to be them, sting them, infest them with their eggs, which hatch and, in this case, devour their ability to communicate as a human, to then continue the cycle. The entire place was a farm for some insect type alien/interdimensional being etc, which I got from the way it scampered away when struck. But separated by dimensions so none of them could collude, not that it'd have mattered. each kept in a different octagon. Why they didn't kill the kid eludes me, he was obviously a madness. even at the end, she tried, and hurt it. could have done that a lot sooner. I would have, being there. not what I had wanted to watch wasting my bottle of vodka though.. Oo I think they would have all been empty. It was the place they were taken to that was occupied. We never saw anyone else. They'd have all been outside screaming.. Kinda like when she went under the sidewalk, she couldn't stay in any one place, till it was hers. Damn weird ass movie though... I'd have killed the little sh!t a lot sooner. Oh thank god I'm not the only one who saw a thin jack black in this. they should do a thing together. And I concur. not a bad lapse from the daily grind. I likeded it morer than you did! heh, and thus I slowly disappear into the shade cast upon the wall, from the fireplace with it's fervent conflagration, flicking it's tepid yellow hue over everything, except the shadows which hide, solemnly in the corners, just out of reach... Knowing you can never defend your position, as it is a subjective one, and never can two subjective positions be melded into one all encompassing thing.. for shadows always hide the things you can never see clearly, and it is your own thoughts you express into them.. unless it's your shout. I'll have a pint of vodka and red bull, thanks. With an umbrella. I like to pretend I'm on a secluded exotic island replete with raunchy islander ladies, in grass skirts, fawning over me as I slob around, all cashed up like. :) And a straw. You fell asleep, didn't you.. I did.. But then I rewound to the last thing I remembered, poured another drink, and it was like the trip finally peaked. :) I liked the end, it had an alluring sense of "YESSSS!" to it. And one, for a change, that does not elicit notions of a sequel. We can imagine it.. and that imagined sequel is for us to watch, in the minds eye.. anything else put forward would be a dire thing. and we'd all yell "They didn't do it right!!" and boo and hiss. except the one person, who wrote the script. Human nature was. Be it the normals, who feared the people with abnormal ability, who were shunned, attacked, et al. Or the freaks, who were hunted, attacked, had to retaliate in kind to start a rebellion. Both innate parts of human nature. We attack that which we do not understand, and those who are misunderstood, rebel. So.. human nature was the enemy... "You're taking all the toilet rolls, leave some for the rest of us!" "I needs that toilet papers and Imma smack you upside the head if you take my rolls.." *violence ensues* We're witnessing it, right now... But a wanted man who thought he could pull off being a being a real estate mover to a federal agent... ? There were holes, but I loved the ending.. in the end, screw the normies, lets kick gum and chew ass, and we're all outta ass.. wait.. chew gum and kick ass! Argh, I always get those mixed it... makes going to the news agent a very tricky situation.. 8/10 from me.. I enjoyed this weekend interlude into something I knew zero about before hand. I think had I seen the trailer or read reviews first, I'd have given it a pass. But yeah, there were holes.. just not gaping wounds that leave the movie dying a slow, meandering death, the likes of almost every other movie around... and for once, the humans didn't prevail. The protagonists did, despite them having a slight disregard for the monstrous manner with which humanity treats things.. Oh, have you met the new protagonist? Just remember to wash your hands! Or, you've done something enormous, beaten the big boss on hard mode, taken down the entire system and now you just play the side games for fun. Seems like he's not doing too shabby, really.. I mean, if you can't laugh with 'em, you laugh at 'em. (I know it isn't an apt phrase in this context, but .. neither was this an apt movie for obvious reasons, just a bit of folly thrown in to satiate a morbidly boring Friday night with a bottle of your favourite plonk..) Like watching a bad artist paint something and you're going "Ohh no, you can't do that.. don't.. stop.. why??" but at the end of it you think, "Hmm, that's not too bad really.. I mean I wouldn't pay for it, but... it's not too bad." idk.. SPOILERS DUDE.... I swear decorum on the interwebs these days has gone completely out the linux. I expected something different, but as soon as I realised it was as goofy as all the Deadpool movies, but with less... interestingly intelligent dialogue, I edged towards it. It had some good moments, and some that were meant to be good, but left my face unchanged from the moment before the things that happened, happened, making me realise it was supposed to do something, but hadn't.. but I accept that. all in all, if you're expecting Avengers with run of the mill action sequences and inevitable ending, this won't fit your bill.. You're a pellican and you need fish. but if you are unexpecting of anything, as I wasn't... then perhaps you're a seal and will eat everything thrown at you and regurgitate the bits you don't like. Which is usually the bits that shouldn't have been there in the first place. A good time waster. I give it 0 out or 5 naps, and 4 out of 5 chuckles. but.. yeah... he's a broke unemployed coder who suddenly has the resources of batman at the end. lets just not dwell on it... Why not... then we can have rainbows with unicorns as sleeves and who knows, 70 year old men in nappies doing the part. Needing mom and pops to be his partners as they investigate some nuance involving something sinister that affects everything. ugh, this .. I can't even get through the first episode. ahh well, we'll always have most of season 1. Even if Daniel Jackson is in this, it's not enough to bring me into a new bad show based on a previously good show. est quod est. F* NO JAYMZ... You can never have too many f bombs... they could have saved them all up to destroy the nasty repetitive evil bugger in the end, instead of killing the hot chick by ripping out her power source, or they could have made it a 3 minute movie by just doing that at the start. Meh, plot holes don't matter when there are loads of explosions. "Nah, next one will be chinese the way their market makes every american company jump nowadays." With baldy lip synced dubbed English, where they fly at each other and strike with katanas to the sounds of scraping metal and scenes of sparks flying... Actually, I've seen that on the World Movie Channel here, SBS... Don't you go pickin' on the mehicans, or I'll cut you with my spanish tongue, esse... Now a lesbian robot, I could deal with... as long as they made out and there was lots of robot boob.. I mean, we never even got to see the altered chick in the beginning properly... what a let down :( He sold drapes ffs... and you're picking on the fact he pretended to live as a human with a woman and her son?? HE SOLD FRIGGEN DRAPES... oO But yeah, I give this one 3 out of 5 thumbs down. Chase, destroy, reform, repeat... then magically, a new power source. And viola.. classic terminator ending... "For John."