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How I view this series (slight spoiler) J Edgar's wife Season 3 - commando gps tracking beautifully filmed this is great should be viewed at x 1.5 Eichmann's sons what this show needed Istanbul Turks are drinkers Huge Plot Holes - Spoilers View all posts >


there are probably a billion or so vegetarians on the planet. it's a well trodden path in life. your argument doesn't really hold up in practice. you and i may enjoy meat, but that doesn't mean one can't be healthy living a vegetarian lifestyle. the lesson there is, never underestimate humanity's ability to hold a grudge. i haven't taken the pledge myself, but find the argument from sustainability compelling. the fact that meat-eating spurred human evolution isn't, in itself, an argument for its necessity in the present. into each life a little rain must fall. but wipe it off with a paper towel after the first reading. they're drunk. or stupid. or both. barley meal is good too. i stand corrected. thanks for the info. you are very, very lucky you avoided the lung infection. the odds would be pretty dinky what is porridge? oats? barley? View all replies >