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Father's Day... She is drop dead gorgeous. 45th in Duluth, Minnesota---tonite! A movie from the 90's... Top Ten Lessons of the Children of the Corn Marathon... "Having my baby. What a lovely way of saying how much you love me." Of lamp wires & life... The Last Hero by russell-ville-man (Culburn) - A Short Story. Best Television Commercials View all posts >


Reno knows precisely where the bear shits in the buckwheat. [b]Reno[/b] They broke & entered this country. They're illegal. They don't give a shit about anybody but themselves. They're raping this country. Of course...Brook Benton - "Rainy Night in Georgia" Yes. I do not have empathy for illegalsPERIOD We never have any spare change laying around for American children---always have to wring hands, pace floors, bitch & moan before we grudge 'em. But, Lord-a-mercy all the sudden there is a shit load for that scum. Trump is right, the only reason Congress won't act to stop it is they want the votes and are cultivating them. ...ditto. Good find, 000. ...only the remake Max Cady. They've broke & entered this country. They're stealing from America & American citizens. They give a shit for nobody but themselves. They are vermin. Anybody that will hire them is vermin. I have empathy for Americans. Those illegal kids on the border are living better than a lot of American kids. They're vermin, both the employers & the illegals. [quote]Trump criminal. Hillary not.[/quote] Get your own shit. That's my shit. I work hard on my shit, Sand. I first went with my family in '63. The bells were still working then and they sounded fantastic. You could park right there on the curb then. You get out of the car, walk 15 feet and you're at the railing. It is indeed fantastic. I even went once by myself! "I'm not going again, Cully. No." The wife. So, I went myself and had a grand time. Thank you, for sharing, mp. View all replies >