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Title should be "Divorce Story" CW's Riverdale Season 4, Episode 1 "In Memoriam" Excellent romantic comedy, aka [email protected] Falls The imposters need to tell us more Season One was the funniest Excellent horror thriller from India History vs Hollywood, true and fictional parts S8 Ep 3 Too dark, could barely see what was happening Stan Lee tribute in closing credits of Once Upon a Deadpool Director of Photography loves shaky camera View all posts >


Looks like Craig James reviews are now gone: "This video is no longer available because the uploader has closed their YouTube account." Too bad. I had the site bookmarked. I thought the ending actually works. It answers the question: "So what happens if..." Will Smith at age 50 seemed a little creepy as the genie pursuing the hand maiden played by Nasim Pedrad, who is 37. Craig James has decent reviews on his channel. Can save you from seeing a film that's a bomb. I never saw the original animated Disney Aladdin. This live action remake was okay. That 37-minute video is an outstanding analysis that explains the idiocy of "The Long Night" episode 3. The writers of the episode are complete morons, who should never be allowed to write another script for anything. Lots of people could not see what was happening: Expect lots of jokes by late night comedians and SNL, (if they can get over Trump winning the 2016 election for 3 minutes.) In S8 Ep 4, HBO should show a "last time/what you did not see" clip, with the Night King killing Bran, Arya and the White Walkers killing Jon Snow and winning the battle. GOTCHA! SPOILERS: 1) When Black Panther first appeared, a woman in the back of the theater yelled “THERE HE IS” and the audience applauded. 2) The audience applauded again at Spider-man's first appearance. 3) When Captain Marvel arrived and destroyed Thanos' space ship. 4) When the camera panned from Thanos to Iron Man, who now had all the stones on his own glove. 5) When the closing credits began rolling. When you escape from your Marvel universe, you will find that [SPOILER] the APES take over Earth in the Planet of the Apes franchise films. +3 This is reportedly available on Netflix with the translated title, "The Invisible Guest." Comcast/Xfinity has had Netflix available to non-subscribers in its annual Watchathon, which should start March 31, 2019. "Badla" (2019), an Indian remake in Hindi with English subtitles, is currently in American theaters that show Indian films. Thanks for the deleted scene reference. It's here: They should have used it. View all replies >