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Is Doggiedaddy James Gunn? Is this random show I stumbled across any good? So why aren't they sending Arya to assassinate Cersei? Earth 616.. Oh boy where do we go from here? The Alternate timeline thing That's it?? Talking directly to the audience is a lame, played out cliche Collusion is what you do to cheat on tests in school View all posts >


That's the joke though. Did he mention he caged little toddlers who were separated from their families because of him? Did Obama ever mention doing this since they were his policies in the first place? Did he mention all the investigations he's currently the focus of, along with his spawn? Like the bogus Russia investigation? Did he mention he brazenly breaks the law as President, and doesn't give a damn? Which law? Did he mention he sides with the enemy - Russia? This dead hoax is still being beaten? Did he mention there were 'good people' who made up the White nationalists in Charlottesville back in August, 2017? Good peopld do bad things all the time. I mean, these are just a few of his highlights from the past 2.5 years... MuH dOcUMeNTsZ!?!!! AAAHHHH IMPEEEEACH I haven't seen DP yet but i've heard it doesn't even follow the continuity of the film that directly preceeded it, let alone the other films in the cinematic "universe". Like, at the end of Apocalypse she has phoenix powers but apparantly in this one she receives the powers at the start. It's an absolute trainwreck Meh Fox sabotaged their own franchise with a string of sh*itty films that break continuity RIP Regardless of who's president Hillary should still be in prison. This is what happened to Australia Then if a politician said something it must be true "presidential precedent" "collusion" "popular vote" All these made up concoctions of the left to try to make sense of the fact that *ahem* you lost. Get over it. What is she afraid of? If Fox is so fake then she should have no trouble destroying their narrative as a well-spoken future president. View all replies >