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yep Pretty long winded to put it over three episodes as well, I also felt that a Tsunami would not be exactly like that, but then again it is TV when do they get anything accurate I'm the opposite I though BCL was better than this especially after two episodes it got a little better, 2nd episode improved a little bit again Actually announced it was renewed for a second season on the 26th of June For a person who hates it so much you sure must have watched a lot of it, I actually watched the whole two seasons and knowing that it was a load of fiction and had no truth historically, I allowed myself to be entertained and somewhat enjoyed it. If you watch shows trying to be convinced they are historically accurate you will not end up watching many TV shows at all. Started off a little slow I thought, but got better all the way. Looking forward to the second episode No I don't but in this case, the Trump vision is actual vision, and factual as to what he said and did. Therefore there is no derangement in this case because it is actual fact, i.e. the truth. There is no bashing per se but showing what actually happened. Unfortunately you can't see the wood for the trees. Why can't you accept the truth instead of just quoting an acronym. If you did your own research you will find that it isn't Trump Derangement Syndrome, but the truth. maybe you can't handle the fact that the person you have hitched your political beliefs to is a POS. View all replies >