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It's whatever you want to believe. I wasn't a big fan of the final episode, not that I care about a happy finale it just wasn't that good. I enjoyed the show, I think the final series overall was not bad, just the final episode was pretty average Agree it is heaps better than the last season I'm loving this season, looks like the writers are having a lot of fun with the scripts, reminds me a little bit of Legends of Tomorrow with the tongue in cheek stuff I also don't get how Wags got to be such a crucial part of the business, he has never shown any knowledge at all for the stockmarket. I do like your suggestion on the serial killer part, that would be good, or maybe one of the lead characters becomes an anti capitalist that would put some fun into it. Yep I noticed that as well, I thought, no researchers on this show cancelled Friday 3rd of April this is my favourite superhero show by a mile yep Pretty long winded to put it over three episodes as well, I also felt that a Tsunami would not be exactly like that, but then again it is TV when do they get anything accurate I'm the opposite I though BCL was better than this especially after two episodes View all replies >