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I'm so tired. The Beatles. Gay priests aren't the problem. It's the pedophiles. Uh? This one is ok. Don't bother with the sequels. If early humans did not eat meat, we would not be the creatures we are today. We would still be swinging in trees eating bananas. Or would have become extinct as our brains were not smart enough to cope with the environment for this long. No. Not a chance. Not remotely interested. Could not give a fats rats clacker. I think I made my stance on this clear. It's not yank stuff. All professional sports have it. I think based on Einstein's (the scientist, not the dog) laws of relativity, time travel is possible going forward if traveling near the speed of light and returning to Earth. But yeah, going back in time is a load of garbage. Or ~1.40 Billion people who don't give a toss. As well as entire continent. So not everyone in the world as you suggest. Maybe it is the biggest sport in the world. Not arguing with that. Same as McDonald's is the biggest restaurant. Australia, India, New Zealand View all replies >