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How many kids is that loser teacher wanting to adopt? (Season 3) Looks awful Any predictions as to the winner? Stinking of cigs and BO Super lame compared to the first one Why doesn’t she float/elevate more? This looks awful Who’s skinnier? She’s at Jack’s. And meets Jack. Stage Fright on Netflix View all posts >


Notice how she looks “away”...I guess looking at her cue cards for her next line. Ha. Didn’t read it. Just read the headline. Ultimate Tag with the Watt family men standing around, holding mics, and wearing cardigans. Boring. I feel the opposite. To each, their own. I’ve gone to the grocery store without brushing my teeth, NOT thinking I’ll see anyone I know. On the occasions I’ve run into someone, the first thing I say is that I haven’t brushed my teeth. So, him saying that doesn’t seen unusual to me. I can’t stop looking at her fish lips. Very distracting. Why not? Give it a try...if it’s free. If you have to pay, I’ve been told season 6 Arctic is the best, and that’s the one we happened to watch first. It was good, NOT great. Then we tried season 3 and lasted a few epi’s (too uneventful and repeat of what happened in past episodes). We are now trying season 4 (2 people team). Is it something I said? On the outside attractiveness scale, Cassie is prettier than Sunny. Why don’t you comment about his mediocre, pudgy looks? The exchange between these two, while Duffy is re-painting a room, is fantastic. View all replies >